Sunday, 29 June 2014

J'Adore Paris : NOTW & OOTD

Image packed post!
I'm definitely feeling the holiday blues as I write this, looking through my photographs, 'take me back!!' After nagging Mark to go to Paris we finally got a good deal for 3 days, staying right in the heart of Paris in a sweet little hotel called 'Le Pierre'. I would totally recommend this hotel as it was situated just off the 'Champs Elysees', there was a metro stop round the corner, the Eiffel Tower was a 30min walk away and if that wasn't good enough the 'Arc De Triomphe' was at the top of the street.

 Only having 3 days meant that we had to be up and out early every morning which proved very difficult most mornings but I think we slotted into the Parisian laid back way of life pretty easily after having dinner at 1am. (they eat so late and stay out all night inc school nights). Oh and if you have ever been on the subway in London and think its caotic try the metro's in Paris, this is when you find out the true meaning of feeling like a sardine.

On the night of our arrival the Arc De Tiomphe roundabout was filled with traffic flying by, people standing on their cars shouting, waving flags as Algeria had won the football that night but then it got scary as flares were being thrown and there were police EVERYWHERE.
Day 1 we visited the Arc, ofcourse went shopping ( I loved watching all the Parisian woman they always looked so elegant yet didn't look as though they were trying hard, stunning). Strolled over to 'The Louvre' and at night we booked a boat trip along the river Siene which was beautiful. The sky was so pretty, we were able to see the buildings by day light and by the end the nightlife and to top it off right as the boat pulled in the Eiffel Tower Twinkled.
Day 2 we went up the Eiffel Tower in the morning and eventhough we were only able to go up to the 2nd floor, the view was amazaing. The sun was shining so brightly and we were able to see for miles a full 360 of Paris and to my surprise it was actually really cheap. Then we took a 3.5 hour walk in the sun to Notre Dame which was a killer but was beautiful to see and hear. On our way there we popped over to the Padlock Bridge of Love (thats what I call it anyways) and put our own on and done the whole thing of signing it and throwing the key into the river, how romantic.  That night we went back to the Louvre to see it at night.

Our 3rd and final day we went the furthest to see the 'Moulin Rouge', 'Sacre Coeur' where we sat and watched a photoshoot (I enjoyed watching them all in different places). Enjoyed some afternoon sun at the Arc De Triomphe and headed up to the top at sunset which almost killed me!! (180 spiral steps). The view was worth the pain, totally breathtaking. Trecked back to Moulin Rouge which was a completely different atmosphere at night time and then to finish we headed over to the gardens at the Eiffel Tower which was a lovely way to end our trip. Paris truly is thee most romantic city, you can feel the love no matter where you are.

 I was so pleased that we were able to visit all the places on our list and what was more amazing was we saw them all at night aswell as the day seeing the sunset and all the lights was incredible. At first I was a bit nervous going as everyone kept telling me it was so expensive but it really wasnt the sites were all very reasonably prices infact because I was under 25 (take ID) I got up the Arc FREE and got a discount on the Tower. So you really can do Paris on a budget.
I couldn't actually beileve I was in Paris, I still can't believe I've been. Time flies by so quickly and Paris is so busy it was hard to take it all in. Until our last night when I was standing in the gardens looking up at the 'Tower de Eiffel' in all its glory with thousands of twinkling lights. That's when it hit me that I was finally in Paris after all the years of wanting to go I was finally there. Now I can say I have been to the most romatic city in the world and I cant wait to go back and find our love lock...maybe.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Purple Purple: The Kelpies //NOWT

NOTW 11.
I didn't want to take my little roses off :( but 2 weeks had passed and I had to update my nails. As usual I didn't really know what I wanted, I didn't have any special plans but at the very last second I opted for the beautiful 'Purple Purple'. I hadn't had this on in so long but when I do everyone comments on it and all the clients tend to go for it as it looks so much better on than it does on the colour chart. In certain lights it looks more bluey than purple and during the shellac process it sets matt which slightly puts people off for a moment but when its top coated it looks fab! One of my nails (my hardest working nail) peeled as this one is in contact with all the chemical removers and scrubs repeatedly everyday at work but with this colour and it's amazing shine my nails look in great condition and hides all that is underneath. As with any set of nails I do on myself I always need a little something extra so glitter it was this week (wasn't feeling the nail art this week), I like to alternate between the glitter and designs.
The day after applying 'Purple Purple' I was signing for a return and had to take a 2nd look at my nails as I had forgotten I'd painted them with a brightER colour compared to my dark red and black nails from before.Gave myself a little fright. These photographs were taken 2weeks after applying this colour and they were still in fab condition, no chips, no dulling only the regrowth.

Last week we also went to see the 'Kelpies' which are two new giant metal landmark horses that were designed from two real horses that live in Helix park in Falkirk. They were amazing to look at and the sun was just going down so we managed to snap up some great photos (mark kindly let me borrow his Olloclip). If you live near by you should definitely pop over to see them...amazing!

I am a bit late on posting these nails as Tuesday there I done a new set, time is passing soo quickly, I'm not sure what to do for my Paris nails so I better get planning (AHHH EXCITED!! ) so if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments. Thanks and have a lovely week hopefully the sun will show again.