Tuesday, 26 March 2013

London Adventures

Recently I turned 22 and for my birthday mark (my boyfriend) and I decided to book a last minute 4day trip to London.
Bday Cake Chosen by Dad
We got the overnight megabus on the night of my birthday arriving in London earlier than planned at 6AM. I have NEVER seen London so quiet. We couldn't check into our hotel until 3pm so we walked around with blistered heels for about 7hours. We found this lovely French cafe/restaurant where we had hot chocolate and a bacon & egg roll....it was delish.

We stayed at a travel lodge in Kings Cross which was only a 5min walk from the subway, handy on a cold night. The hotel could have done with a refurb but the rooms where clean, breakfast buffet was good and it was close to an all line subway so we didn't really need anything else.

Here are a few things we done...

So just before checking in we went down to Leicester square and we got ourselves some tickets to see 'WICKED', which was amazing such a great show, if you didn't already know it's coming to Glasgow 2014 at the Kings, I would definitely recommend going to see it and you don't have to spend a fortune on the tickets we got ours for £32.50 (the cheapest tickets not on sale) and we were still only 15rows from the front.

 So we went to see that on the Monday night after shopping at the Stratford centre which was absolutely massive, I have never seen a shopping centre like it, there was every shop you can think of.We arrived at the shopping centre about 11am and didn't leave until half 4 and we still didn't get round all the shops. It was snowing a bit that day so we didn't go out to see the Olympic Stadium, saved that for next time :P.

 On Tuesday we got up and went to the Zoo which was good fun but again it was a very cold day, the sun kept trying to puss through but the wind was just so icy cold. There was a 6 month old little monkey who was being a cheeky little thing annoying his brothers and getting them to chase him, we stood for about 20mins just laughing at him, so cute. I loved the big lions, one of the lionesses, who was HUGE I'd never seen a female as big maybe pregnant I don't know, but she was beautiful. She lay right at the glass window posing for my camera, I could have sat there all day watching her but my legs were getting sore kneeling + it was freezing. That night we went round to M & M World which was pretty cool. I didn't know there was so much m&m merchandise...loads 3 floors full.

On our last day we went a wee bight of sight seeing, bringing back memories when we 1st saw the London Eye and Big Ben. There is loads to do in London depending on your interests and no matter the weather you can always have fun p.s the subways are great we used them alot this time as your feet get super sore walking all day + if your a shopper like me you'll hav alot of bags :)

   Here are a few more of our photos from our trip....

Our 1st Trip to London ha

Taken/Edited by Mark

Taken/Edited by Mark

London Eye 
How Beautiful
London Zoo
Monkey Madness
More M's
Taken/Edited by Mark

Azure Wish Shellac

Have you ever been to London what did you see? Where did you go?

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed.
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Love ClaireeFairee ♥

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hip Hip Hurray...

Oh my goodness it has finally arrived, Glasgow now has a Forever 21:D

Ever since I went to New York last march I've been in love with Forever 21, the stores are always so big and bright and I don't think I have ever seen so many girls clothes in one shop before. Anyway since then I have been hoping for a store to open in Glasgow and when I heard they were building new shops on Buchanan street and that Forever 21 was one of them I was soo excited. So it opened on fri there and they were offering a free gift card to the first 150 people in line for the opening, may I say the line was HUGE when I passed on the way to work but I was soo jealous, I had to wait until today to shop. Well actually I popped in quickly with mark after work on Saturday but I wanted to wait until today to have a proper look around and jeezo it is huge and was super busy. I must have been in there for about 2hours going up and down deciding what I wanted to buy. I didn't think there would be much to catch my eye as I was just as the London store a week ago but oh I was wrong, I must have forgotten I am a shopaholic for a moment :O

So the result to my day was 5 tops a little shopper bag and a cuff necklace. I did want little black ankle boots but their size 4s a quite small and they didn't have a 5 :( maybe next time :P.

Love shopper bag
Here are some of my finds...
thanks for reading,  Love ClaireeFairee 

forever 21 spend

£14.75 product no. 15211131032
£9 product no. 36606839752
£11.50 product no. 37962049023

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hands Are Jewels Not Tools...


Are you fed up with your nails looking like this ^ well worry no more. Not long ago I treated myself to a Shellac kit. As I have already said I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing nails especially when it's Shellac. If you haven't already heard about Shellac well don't worry I'll fill you in and believe me once you try it you will be hooked. CND Shellac™ is the original and only Power Polish service, empowering you with 14+ days of superior colour, no matter what life brings you. Set it and forget it. Mirror shine, zero dry time. Improve your nails with an armour coat that says, "see you in 2 weeks".I started of with just 6 colours and now it has grown to 22 I think :s.
 Shellac is definitely one of my addictions, I always have to buy the new colours as soon as they are launched I'm even sad enough to preorder them :o Owell what can I say...I like to be up to date with the new trends.
Spring/Summer Collection 2013

 A few of my clients are cabin crew or nail biters and Shellac is great for  keeping your nails strong and allowing them to grow because of it's 14 day wear you don't have to worry about it chipping(unless you are extremely hash bash with your nails ofcourse). Shellac will not damage your nails as long as you take it off properly...so no peeling ladies! I constantly have my Shellac on you will never see me with bare nails. As one of the ageing signs of a woman is her hands we want to be looking after them so get yourself out there and get a Shellac mani and let me know how you get on, you won't look back.(shellac is a technician/salon only brand) You can make your shellac manicure as personal as you want by adding glitter, gems layering different colours together, let your imagination run wild. Here are a few Shellac manicures I have done recently, Thanks for reading hopefully getting a bit better hope you like my Shellacs :) 

Love ClaireeFairee... 

Cream Puff

Overtly Oynx
Tutti Fruitti + Glitter
Purple Purple 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Here Goes Nothing...My Biggest Achievement

Ok so for my 1st ever blog post I think I'll start with my Christmas gift to myself last year... Fifi (my Fiat 500).
 It was August last year that I decided I was going to sit my driving test and aimed for a pass for Christmas (was being quite tough on myself).So I booked my theory test for the end of August, I hadn't studied the theory side of driving since I was 17 (when I chickened out) so you could imagine how much studying I had to cram in. I wasn't backing out this time! This is when my Ipad came in VERY handy (thanks to my boyfriend mark:) ). I was able to study constantly using a learners app. I was the only girl sitting the test that afternoon but I went in put my headphones on and walked out with a PASS! HURRAY!! All that hard work had paid off.
 I had my practical test booked by October and I was soo excited that I had something to work towards. My test date came and guess what...it SNOWED!! So my test got canceled I was never going to sit my test before Christmas now after spending all that money cramming all my lessons in. I was so upset... but I stopped blubbering and went out for a lesson in the snow.
That night I was on the DVLA website all night until finally someone made a cancelation for Monday the 10th of December exactly a week away so I snapped it up. I was soooo excited I was back on track all I to do was stay calm and not let my nerves get the better of me. Monday morning 8.30am and guess what guys I did it, I finally got my licence YIPEE.

After car shopping that day no cars tickled my fancy but what's for you won't go by you. I came across a Fiat 500 on the web but it was down in Manchester, it had everything I wanted the right colour, the interior (i was being super fussy :s) My dad called me the next day to say that him & my mum would be home late that night ... they were driving down to Manchester to get my car for me all I had to do was transfer the money AHH I couldn't wait to get home.  Even now when I see my little Fifi sitting in my driveway I still can't believe it's my little car:)

Set yourself Goals & Aim High the sky is the limit. 
Thanks for reading sorry for rambling on a bit I will get better I promise . love ClaireeFairee <3