Monday, 20 May 2013

FlowerBombs Lost Sister, Zara Oriental ...

Hi everyone... So sorry I have been distant my Internet has been doing it own thing lately meaning it hasn't been working properly so now I have a new router and I'm off again, back on track.

So to the ladies out there that LOVE Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume but can't afford to be spraying it and wearing it as much as you want as an everyday fragrance well I think I may have found a solution.

Ever since my other half bought Flowerbomb for me as a surprise gift,  I have been searching for a perfume that smells similar, something that I can wear everyday, something a little bit on the cheaper side. It wasn't until my mum  said that on 'This Morning' show they had mentioned a Zara perfume that supposedly is similar to Flowerbomb. I got rather excited and went straight to Zara the next time I was out shopping and to my surprise it didn't smell anything like flowerbomb ): . So me being me, I then had to smell every single one just to make sure. Then I found it... 'ZARA Woman Oriental'. I must say it is the closest I have found yet and for £10 I snapped it up. The only thing I would say is that it doesn't last very long but it is quite a large bottle and for £10 I can't really complain. As it was so cheap compared to the real deal I just spray it as and when I want for a little freshening up.

Although I've found something similar nothing is better than Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb my ultimate favourite perfume I love that I can spray it on myself/clothes and I can smell it on my scarf or fur coat fro days after.

So now I am able to keep my Flowerbomb for date nights and special occasions and keep Zara Woman Oriental for work or day to day
Let me know if you think any other perfumes smell similar I'd love to know :)

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Hi Everyone! :)

Sorry i haven't put anything up in a whole week I have been pretty busy/tired and internet has been naughty:O but I just put a post up down below on a product review and thought I would pop a little OOTD as I haven't done that lately.

Before I go on about my OOTD I like to tell you a about a website I was told about. Recently I joined a sight that some of you may have heard of if not already a member called WIWT (What I Wore Today) .  This is a sight created by a girl called Poppy and she started just by putting photos of herself and what she wore each day. People then started to join her and so she created WIWT  now with thousands of members male, female, old and young all uploading images of their favourite outfits or nails etc. So I joined ..all you do is pop in your email and password and then upload a pic of what you are wearing from formal to pjs it doesn't matter. You can then tag you top and shoes etc so people can see where you got them from, say how you are feeling on the day and what you are planning on doing for the day and thats it. Once you have uploaded your image all you have to is wait for people to give you stars (likes) on your outfits and you do the same to others. It is really nice to see everyones different personalities coming through in what they choose to wear.

 It would be great if you would check out my page here :)

Anyways here is what I wore today, quite enjoyed wearing this outfit very comfy but can be casual or formal. Hope you like too.

So you know I love to shop and a couple of months ago I thought I treat myself ...I think it was the same day as my Forever21 haul. So I went into H&M and this sleeveless patterned shirt caught my eye straight away and of course I just had to have it :)
I tried in on in the shop and it fitted perfectly really liked the detailing justified the £14.99.

So everyone is wearing disco pants and I was looking for a black pair that weren't £70! Now Primark have them in in a few colours blue, grey and black. They aren't as shiny as the ones maybe from American Apparel but for £16 I thought they were great. Also from Primark I managed to snatch up a beautiful pair of black pumps, pointy with studded straps (which btw I have now spilled nail polish remover on one and it has burnt the colour out :( I am totally gutted so upset I could have cried and of course I can't get them anywhere in my size Please Primark get them back in in a size 4)  anyways £10 bargain for such sweet little shoes ... I've got to try mend mine :(

My watch is my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment I just love it and everyone comments on it but I will let you into a small secret..... its nothing expensive, it's a little NEW LOOK number but everyone thinks it looks expensive and of a fancy brand.

Oh and my blazer this was a real bargain from Primark £16 down to £7 and it's great quite a thick material grey with flecks of black and I like when I turn my sleeves up its black turn ups. Again I can wear this dressy or casual, I've actually got another 2 blazers similar to this in just plain black and beige.
love a Primark shop.

Hope you love this outfit as much as I did :)

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Product Review- Pearl Drops Toothpaste

Hey there:)

Ok so this might seem a little random doing a post on toothpaste :S but I was so surprised at the result, Pearl Drop Daily Pro White Toothpaste...amazing I love this product I take it everywhere I stay.

 Ever brush your teeth and feel as if you want to brush again 5mins later or run your tongue around your front teeth and still don't feel 100% clean? I deffinately think this is something to try.
I bought this toothpaste from 'Badycare' but I wasn't looking specifically for toothpaste it just happened to catch my eye and I thought 'I'm going to try that see it it actually works' as I was thinking of trying a teeth whitening home kit but thought I would give this a go 1st. I'm so glad I did.
 After using it for the 1st time I noticed a huge difference, my teeth felt so smooth and clean and looked  much whiter (obviously not bleached white but whiter) and this feeling lasted all day, I kept finding myself running my tongue over my teeth.  A few people even commented on them looking whiter which is always a good thing and made it clear that it was working even after 2 brushes.  It is gentle enough that you can use it in place of your regular toothpaste and use it twice a day which is a great thing so you don't have to remember to use 2 different toothpaste :)

Still using this and I would definitely recommend this if your looking for that white clean smile without bleaching because if not done properly it can damage your teeth.

I'm sure it was only £3.99 but either way still cheap as chips and keeps your mouth looking and feeling great:)

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