Sunday, 25 August 2013

Time to Pack a Bag Le France ice je veins


Jealousy is a terrible thing but when your family are all back from their holibags looking extremely brown :( I'm not going to lie, I get ooober jealous. Especially when my tan didn't last very long from June )but... Mark and I just booked up on tuesday to jet off again and top up the tans...soo excitinggg !!!

Originally it was Paris we were thinking of but as much as I would love to go and always have done the usual we left booking a holiday to last minute and I just couldn't be bothered searching through endless lists of hotels, plus the fact it was rather expensive for just 3 days...I wasn't feeling it 100%.

Just a few years ago my mum and dad bought a holiday home in France and would you believe it I have never been...shock horror!! Again I have been pretty jealous that the family have been over every school holiday and even some of my mums friends have been but now it's my turn and I'm really looking forward to it... Our own little private villa never had a holiday like this always been hotels oh and a caravan good times.

So we are off tomorrow for a week well tonight (2am to be exact to deive to Liverpool where we are flying from) but I will take as many photos as I can and show you guys what we got up to...hopefully no trouble :)

Well I better get off and finish packing I've got to squeeze a weeks holiday clothes into a 10kg hand luggage dad said "you dont need luggage theres a waahung machine" Mind you wev got to try keep the costs down renting a car for over there is so expensive, ridiculous but it will be worth it I can't wait. Le France ici je viens  (I better get practising some French)

Well I didn't want to leave without saying "Goodbye" See you in a week, hopefully I'll be browner :)  


 Where have you been on holiday?


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Product Review- Double-Lash


So I went shopping...again,
I was only meant to be in town long enough to return a few bags full of clothes that I had bought on impulse the week before and ended up spending more...what am I like.

Anyhoo I popped into Boots for a change (I'm usually a Superdrug kinda girl) and while I was having a peak at the false lashes and bits and bobs like that I noticed 'Double-Lash, for longer, denser, stronger lashes'. This is something I have been meaning to try out for a long time as I have lost ALOT of my natural lashes.

...As I work in a salon its very easy for me to get beauty treatments done or do them myself, if I have the time, and a few years ago maybe 2 years ago I was addicted to Party Lashes. Party lashes are individual little clusters of fake lashes that can be added to the corners of your own lashes or all along your lash line to create longer, fuller lashes. So I would get a fresh set of these maybe every week or two until I developed a very very bad habit of picking them out (I cannot stress enough when I say do not pick fake or natural lashes out ) So after near enough a year of me gluing the lashes in and pulling them out (after about 5days when they weren't ready to come out), my own natural lashes then started to fall out more often than they should. They became sore at the roots and I would rub and pull at them slightly to relieve pressure but they just fell out to the point where I had very weak and very little lashes especially in the corners.
I never went to the doctors as I knew it was my own fault from picking at the false ones but I think I ended up with blocked follicles. Banning myself from party lashes I then tried strips and stopped wearing mascara to see if this would ease off the pain in the roots of my lashes and it did for a while until eventually I had to stop putting anything on my lashes for a few months.

As a result of me doing this to myself ( may I add you are not reading some crazy girls blog )  my lashes have never been the same, they are very short, thin and sparse the exact opposite to what I would like them to be... So to the point I bought the Double Lash serum and I have now used it over 3 nights. It's so easy to use and causing no irritation, just apply like a mascara from root to tip on clean lashes at night and leave to work as you sleep. I can't say I've seen any sort of change...yet but I am definitely going to keep using it and I shall let you know how I get on.

What do you think? Have you tried any lash serums, have they worked? let me know.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

New Name, New Look,

As a follow up to my previous post I decided to revamp my page and give blogging another go. I've gathered a few hints and tips along the way (there are soo many options and buttons I'll soon learn them all and maybe add a few more bits and bobs)  thanks to Kirsty- (marks brothers girlfriend, lovely girl) and from reading a few other blogs and from the help of Mark, he's very patient with me bless him wee soul.

 I'm still messing around with my page so bare with me, I want to have fun with my blog and be dedicated to my weekly post,  hopefully you will all like what I've done and carry on readying my rambles.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Don't Give Up?!?

I just want to say sorry to anyone that follows me and reads my blog, I haven't been writing much as I have been busy with work, doing everyones nails for going away making me super tired lately. I've also been feeling a little down, stressing about my skin as I've been getting a lot of blemishes which have been scarring (i can explain all that another day :( ). I've been wanting to get fitter, tone up and loose a little bit of weight around the stomach not that I'm fat just not what I want to be. But I shouldn't be making excuses, I guess I'm not very good at this but I don't want to give up and fall away for blogging.

It's not that I don't know what to write or don't have anything to say, for me it's about remembering to take pictures (good pictures) of the outfit I'm wearing or the places I've been or the products I've tried and thinking would people read this, is anyone reading this???
I am definitely going to try harder to take more photo's and blog more regularly.

I want to become a proper blogger and I know if I work hard at it I will. Sounds so cheesy but it is something I have been interested in doing for years and I'm not someone who gives up easily but I find it hard sometimes when I don't see anyone reading what I've taking the time to photograph and write about. I guess I'm still learning how to blog properly and what all the option buttons mean but hopefully if I stick at this and try harder it will pay off ... I've just got to remember blogging should be fun not a chore and I am                                                                                               going to start enjoying it :)

If anyone else finds it hard to keep up with blogging and can give me hints and tips to writing better and keeping blog  going I'd love to hear them.