Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blackpool Desert Poppy: NOTW

I would just like to apologise for any random posts popping up on 'bloglovin' if you follow me on there (if not please do and thank you). I was cleaning up backstage sorting out my 'labels/tags' last night and may have hit publish instead of save a couple of times, so yeh sorry about that.

On to the quickest nails I have done in a long time...still took me an hour mind you.

Shellac base coat 
Shellac Blackpool x2 coats on thumb, pointing, middle & pinky fingers 
Shellac Desert Poppy x2 coats on ringer fingers
Shellac top coat 
Although black nails are lovely on their own sometimes I feel they need something more, a little brightening up. The orange pops against the black which I think attracts the eye.

 I also went to visit my wee gran on Tuesday, we had some tea, cake and a good catch up. I then done my usual Diva Tuesday thing and went over to Braehead for some shopping as I hadn't done any since mid last week so I was beginning to have withdrawal  and felt left out of the fashion world. I picked up a few nice little pieces from the likes of H&M and Topshop so I will show you them during the week and I will possibly have some more bits to add by then. I am also on the hunt for a vintage looking middle sized photo frame maybe in cream or white where I can hang my chains from, so let me know if you see any :)

 I hope being back at work hasn't been too stressful at least for most it's only a four day week but not for me unfortunately, the joys of working in a salon.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sunshine Strolls: OOTD

I am loving Scotland's sun at the moment, but sadly I am back at work today and probably won't see very much of it again for a while. I love walking around in the sun snapping pictures of life.. little things you would walk by if it was a rainy day so we went to Rouken Glen park again and it was lovely to see it in beautiful vibrant colours, with the leaves on the trees and a bright blue sky and families everywhere with their happy go lucky dogs. It also felt nice to walk around not worrying about fighting against the wind to keep my hood up and dodging mud puddles. Once we had worked up an appetite we tried out a New York bar & grill called TriBeCa....yumm and then visited Botanic Gardens in the West End before the sun went down.

My outfit for yesterday was very similar to Saturdays as I fell in love with the crop tee and kimono look and as I said I LOVE my 'Moto Joni' jeans from Topshop. I felt so comfortable and with my skinny jeans being rather light weight I didn't get too hot but they kept me warm enough against the cool breeze.  My black crop tee ( a bargain at £3.99)  and mint green kimono (£9.99) are from H&M. I really like to throw my kimonos on over my cropped tee's to dress them up but also so I don't feel as if I am on show too much if you get what I mean (?)  My blue Topshop 'Moto Joni' (£36) high waist jeans which as my black ones are snug to my legs, they don't go out of shape if you sit for long periods of time and I might have to treat myself to another pair. My black fur skater slip ons the same as before which I am still wearing in going through plaster like I don't know what but I am determined.
Finally I accessorised with my trusty black double pocket shoulder bag from Primark and my necklace which was in 'Asda's' sale. I also picked it up in pink. I really need to get back into necklaces again, I have so many but forget to put them on. Last but not least my usual 'Joma' bracelets and my shiny 'Michael Cors'.
Back to my black wardrobe today but hopefully the sun will still be out when I finish, fingers crossed.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Red Lip Monochrome Kind of Day

Happy Easter! I hope your enjoying this beautiful weather. I took a cheeky day off yesterday so Mark & me took a drive through to St Andrews, taking full advantage of the sun. For a few months now I have been pondering over buying a crop tee's as I have never felt 100% confident flashing the flesh but since I treated myself to high wast 'Moto' jeans from Topshop I have been a little more adventurous with my tops. Seen as the sun is shining I felt today was the day to brave the cropped tee. 
So today's outfit consists of a very monochrome look (which I am lovin' it at the moment) and all new items as yes again I went shopping.  Starting with my new favourite top from H&M, a white crop tee with 'Love' written across it in black. Sorry it doesn't seem to be on the site yet but just new in. Mark surprised me with black high waisted 'Moto Joni' jeans which are thee best fitting jeans I have EVER owned...amazing, I haven't had them off. On my feet I have black fur Topshop skater slip ons  and pulled it all together with an H&M cream, sheer mid length kimono, different colour here. Kimonos are so easy to wear thick or thin and can be worn casual or formal or just thrown over a bikini. I am totally addicted to them I now have 9 yes 9, all different colours and designs. And not forgetting my trusty Rimmel 'Kate Moss' red lippy in shade 107 for a pop of colour 

I thought I'd give monochrome Shellac nails a go this time round which wasn't my best idea as I work in a salon and they got covered in tint and goodness knows what after only 2 days:( , but they looked good to begin with and I was getting lots of nice comments. 

We had a lovely day strolling around having a look in all the gift shops and of course done a little shopping, had coffee and hot chocolate at a cute little cafe called 'Bibi's' and had lunch at the coolest 'Nando's' I have been in yet. I really enjoyed our drive through countryside and being able to  walk around with no brolly or parka. I t was also lovely to see all the new bouncing baby lambs, everything comes to life when the sun comes out and bless a poor farmers tipped potato truck.. I also seen my first very happy cow, an all round lovely day.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Her Name Was Lola...

First off I hope you like my new blog page/design/colours, I'm still struggling with different parts of and I am still learning the customising side of blogging but I think I'm finally getting to grips with some of it (any hint, tips & tricks would be much appreciated ;)), it's only taken me what 6 months. Owel better late than never I guess anyways onto the post...Last week I met little Lola who is a 4month old pomeranian in other words an oober cute ball of fluff. Nadia her owner was on work experience at my salon and visited to get her colour done and brought along her baby who I must say stole my heart. I am a total dog lover and she was up for lots of fun, running up and down the salon chasing me, having a sniff at everything and everyone.

I went back to my trusty fav at the moment 'Tango Passion' and after being at 'The Centre Edinburgh's' annual open day and having a fair good nosey at new products, hints and tips I wanted to try a different effect with my oil spill nail foil. Instead of stippling it, this time I placed it down diagonally across the tip of my thumb and pinkie, pressed down and then slowly peeled it off. Thus leaving a super shiny opaque foil design. Very easy to do but looks pretty cool when the light hits it and the 'oil spill' shows through.  As always I like to do a little something on my ring finger and as polka dots are coming back, using my stylus tools I dotted 'cream puff' and 'cake pop'  (white & pastel pink) at random covering my whole nail. I get that my nails didn't really match but as I work in a salon, having a few nails different is an easy way to advertise what we can do with 'Shellac'. You don't always have to be plain Jane.