Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dark Lava & A Well Spent Holiday

An image packed post, it was hard to decide which ones made the cut...

I was back at work today after a great 10days off and celebrating my birthday.  I love the kind of holidays where you get so much done and your not lazing around everyday, we went on a trip, I had a mashoosive clear our AND made some money out of it, I finally bought the vanity dressing table I have been eyeing for about 3years and developed an obsession with Chai Tea, as I sip away on one right this second.
The past weeks holiday felt like forever but in a good way and as we went to stay with Marks brother and his lovely girlfriend for a few days down in Ipswich I obviously needed a fresh new set of Shellac. Kristy (smug pug) and Mikey were great tour guides, they had our few days that we were with them all planned out which was great meaning me and Mark had no worries, we just got up got dressed and we were away for most of the day. We took a drive through their beautiful little towns and popped into cute quirky shops, Norwich, Cambridge and Aldeburgh beach which had thee tiniest little house I have every seen, oh and the 'House in the Clouds'. I was in desperate need of a holiday as I was getting fed up with work, the horrible weather and wakening up to the same things everyday so our trip away couldn't have come at a better time.  We both had such a great time away and we were lucky that the weather was on our side for most, meaning I managed to get pretty good pics:)

It was also really nice to spend quality time with Mark as we don't get many full days together due to our working schedules. We had some amazing hot chocolates at 'JellyHill' in the Westend of Glasgow, we had some lunch dates and lets not forget shopping, my favourite pass time ooO and we popped along to the 'New Mini Launch Event' as Mark is treating himself.

My nails this week are very simple. I've kept them very plain with just 2 coats of 'Dark Lava', a very popular rich, deep brown with a  red shimmer tone, which I thought would look classy and still match my chosen outfits for London. to finish off, you know me never without a bit of sparkle so I covered my two pinkies in a brown/gold holographic glitter, nothing too crazy but still Claire.

Productive, eventful holidays are great if only I could have more of them and we can't wait to visit Kristy, Mikey and of course their fab little house bunny Biffy in their new flat.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tango Passion and Chai Tea


As I sip on my homemade 'cuppa' Chai Tea I thought I'd upload my Shellac nails no.5 and continue with my productive day.  Nothing too exciting was to happen the week of 'Tango Passion' so I wasn't really painting my nails for a special occasion but after treating myself to "Tango Passion" from the new "Paradise" collection I thought why not try something new and obviously I had to use my new colour.  I had some nail foils lying in my kit box I got in a free goody bag at one of the CND seminars and thought I would take a bash at using one.
"Tango Passion" is a beautiful, rich purple berry colour with a hint of sparkle. I absolutely love it, it has got to be up there in my top 10 maybe even 5. After applying 2 coat of the colour I then started to play around with the foil which had a petrol effect, silver with blue,green and pale pinks mixing together. Basically all I applied the foil by scrunching foil in my fingers and stippled it over my nails, some with with more foil to the others. It's such a great and easy way to get effective nails and with no mess. I wanted to use one of new glitters I got for crimbo so I brushed some "Fairy Dust" over one of my pinkies to see how it looks. All in all I am actually lovin' how the foil has come out and I will definitely be using again, I might even treat myself to some more funkier ones...OoOOo choices choices. 
Have you tried Chai Tea...mmm yum
sorry this was the only image I got as I am rubbish at remembering but I am getting much better at taking pics thanks to 'vscocam'

So until next time. Have fun :)