Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Little Bit of D.I.Y & 'The Elephant Parade'

Around about 5 years ago while I was still in college I went to 'Hobby Craft' to buy some bits and bobs to stick onto one of my make up look mood boards and spotted a paper-mache like 'C'. I'd always liked the way they look on a shelf or as book ends so I bought one thinking I could paint it or stick things to it but it lay in my cupboard until now.
One day at 'B&M' me and my sister took a walk around the wallpaper department and tore off a few samples, rather large samples but shhh. This is a great way to cover a canvas on the cheap, well depending on the size but grab yourself a few paper samples and chop and change your canvases instead of going out and buying different images.One of the paper samples I had taken was a pale pink and white vintage patch work with roses, birds, lace designs etc and I decided that that was what I'd cover my 'C' in as it had a little bit of everything.

 You will need...material/paper to cover, a pencil, scissors, a rubber and some glue. 

I began by painting my C with plain white paint giving it a few coats, then I selected the section wall paper I liked and traced around the 'C' and the outer shape. I then sized it up making sure it was going to fit just right trimming any excess off the front and then began to stick it down the outer side 1st a little bit at a time ensuring there was no air bubbles. I used 'UHU' an all purpose adhesive but whatever you've got is fine. After sticking down the front making sure the edges meant I left it dry then rubbed out any visible pencil lines and that is all it has to it, very easy and cheap to do but unique to you.
I love personalising things and would really like to get into personalising my clothes but haven't tried that yet maybe next time.

Aww...while I'm here I'd just like to pop in a bit about the amazing hand painted elephants that are displayed all around 'Braehead' shopping centre that are dedicated to a charity called 'The Elephant Parade'. It was founded buy a man and his son who found a baby who'd stepped on a landline and wanted to help and so set up this lovely charity. Down the stairs they have a stall showcasing some of the elephants in all different sizes from brooches to knee height models all painted with a different pattern one of which was called 'Spideyphant' you can guess it was painted like spiderman but others had stunning flowers, the prices can be quite high but its all for a good cause. It was one of my lovely clients that told me about it and as I love elephants she gave me a beautiful brooch. So when your out shopping take a look and help the elephants.

Baby Mosha

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentine Nails...Tinted Love


As it was Valentines on Friday I thought I would have themed nails again...maybe not to the extreme of my Xmas ones by adding some hearts to my Shellac manicure. I would also like to say that my allergic reaction has completely cleared up, I no longer have HUGE, red, itchy ears and a horrible rash thank goodness for that. It turns out I was suffering from possibly an allergic reaction to fake earrings And also an allergic reaction to my antibiotics which gave me the rash but all is good now.

While I was through in Edinburgh doing a course on a new nails system I treated myself to some 'Brisa Smoothing' which is a fab power partner to Shellac. It's great for dry, damaged, brittle, or ridged nails as it goes on under your chosen Shellac colour or left as a clear on its own and acts as a strengthening primer/foundation by filling in the ridges leaving your nails 'smooth'. Or I f your someone who isn't able to keep Shellac on for the full 2weeks, due to delamination or if your guilty for using your nails for cleaning, (scratching dirt off a surface, no marigolds) then 'Brisa Smoothing' is the product for you. It allows your Shellac to be applied more evenly over the nail surface, and hides all the sins underneath, no one would ever know you have damaged/ridged nails therefore your Shellac will last longer, maybe even 3weeks+.

So with this weeks nails I decided to apply a thin layer of smoothing onto certain nails that I find maybe are prone to peel and my thumbs which I'm very guilty of using to scrape wax off of things. I then painted my nails with 'Shellac 'Tinted Love' which was one from their autumn collection last year. Its a rich dark pink with a hint of red, reminds me very much of "OPI Manicurist of Seville". To add a bit of the Valentine theme to my nails I thought I would free hand small hearts onto my thumbs and middle finger with 'Blackpool & Cocoa', using dotting tools. Very simple to do just dip your chosen dotting tool and dip into colour then place 2 dots side by side onto the nail then drag the 2 dots together meeting to a point. Simple as that.
I hope your having a lovely Tuesday.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

My 1st 'Love Me Beauty Box'


This post again is a very late in being published and it was only the other day when I received my January box that I remembered I hadn't posted my December box...woops.
If you read one of my previous posts 'Out with the Auld & In with the New', you will have seen that I would like to try new things this year and was looking to subscribe to a beauty box of some sort. After posting I received an email from 'Love Me Beauty Box' informing me that if I was to subscribe before the 5th January I would receive my 1st beauty box for half price...bargain! I couldn't pass up on that deal, a beauty box usually £10 +p&p only £5 +p&p so I subscribed. I wasn't 100% sure on how it worked but I chose box 2 which I was then told it was out of stock so ordered no.3 which was a surprise of 3 full sized products and 2sample sizes. A few days later my little box arrived and I was excited to see what was inside. When I opened it I realised it was the products in box 2 that I actually got, I don't know if this is because maybe they got more in and because I had initially chosen box 2 I got it or if box 3 is a lucky dip of 1 or 2, I haven't grasped that part.(help anyone?). Anyways although I ordered the box in January it was actually the end of the Christmas ones so this box is actually the December box.

Here is what I got...
Lord & Berry Intensity Lipstick in 'Glazed Pink' (Full Size RRP £12)
This lipstick is enriched with macadamia oil (which gives off a lovely smell) and waterlily extracts to help keep your lips hydrated and smooth. It melts into your lips for long lasting colour and with it being a satin finish it is great for everyday wear or paired with a dark eye make up for a night on the town. The packaging has been kept very simple but good quality and isn't lightweight, cheap and nasty. When I swatted it colour on my had I seemed to look slightly different in certain lights, daylight can make it look very pinky but in the shade/shadow it has a more bronzy/golden appearance. I don't own very many pale pink based lippy's, I am more a nude or vibrant red so I am looking forward to using this more for a more.

Lord & Berry Kiss Proof Lip Liner in 'Romantica' (Full Size RRP £7.50)
It is enriched with macadamia oil and waterlily just like the lipstick and has a water-proof formula which creates long-lasting lines or can be used as a lipstick itself. This pencil is easy to glide on and sets within 30seconds to a matte finish. This is too dark I feel personally to be used with the Lord & Berry lipstick but I'm sure I'll be able to wear it somehow maybe all over my lips with a nice glossing on top.

Headline Colours Nail Polish in 'Quicksand' (Full Size 10ml RRP £9)
Describes as a smooth light chocolate nude.The salon approved Healine Colours formula boasts a high colour pigment for a rich, intense colour and gloss, plus UV absorbers for staying power. I s allows nails to flex without colour chipping or flaking and also resistant to detergents. I personally would describe it more to be a dark beige nude but still very nice on, easy to wear with any outfit however because I am so addicted to 'Shellac' I think my mum has her eye on it.

Matriskin Vitamin C Serum (Sample Size 7.3ml-£13.71  RRP £56.35 30ml)
French skincare line Matriskin take high performance skincare to another level with dramatic effects. It is renowned for it's repairing and restructuring properties which help to reduce spots and pigmentation for a natural, smoother finish. This serum may also be used to fight acne  due to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. This is really what made me chose this box as I have been suffering from pretty bad breakouts around my chin area and these have resulted in some pigmentation marks and scaring so I have been massaging a drop into the effected area every night after cleansing and toning my face then moisturising after. So far so good nothing bad has happened :).

Rodial Glamtox Night (Sample Size 15ml-£27  RRP £90 50ml)
A revolutionary night gel that helps against the visible signs of ageing, by smoothing the skin for a more youthful glow by retexturing the appearance of uneven skin tone and pore size as you sleep. It contains retinol microspheres and Vitamin C. Apply it in the evening after your normal skincare routine and then leave it to work it's magic while you sleep. I haven't used this yet but I have noticed a few larger pores appearing so we shall see how it goes.

             Box Value- £69.21 
Paid £7.95

 All in all I have quite liked my 1st 'Love Me Beauty Box' it allows me to use products I may have never heard of or I have been too expensive so the sample sizes are great to try the more high end products. Once I had subscribed and ordered my box I was excited to receive my little box of goodies. I have seen the box for January but I might hang off an extra day to Feb 6th and order the next box so roll on next month.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Cake Pop

This is an extremely late post, I have been soo busy and very forgetful. I had no clue what I was going to do with my nails this time round,  I have used my new colours and now I am just waiting for the summer colours to launch on February12th... How exciting!!!

Sorry I have had these nails on for a week now and I totally forgot to take photo's as soon as they were done, the shops were calling my name. For the past week I have been suffering from really itchy burning ears due to a small infection thanks to some cheap earrings, great. After taking an allergic retain to penicillin and fighting my burning swollen ears AND red itchy rash on my neck and I looked so attractive, diseased more like, I am now on the mend. I don't cope well with pain.
Due to this I couldn't really be bothered doing anything too fancy with my nails but couldn't not do them so opted for a pastel 'Cake Pop'
I painted 2 coats of 'Cake Pop' and on my ringer finger one coat of 'Cocoa' layered with a mixture of gold and baby pink glitter by 'gosh' and top coat. For my right ringer finger before top coating, I applied another thin layer of cake pop in the shape of a triangle from the free edge to middle of the nail, cleaning up the lines with an orange stick. Something a little different for me. I've never had triangles on my nails before or any kind of shape apart from dots for that matter... I'm such a rebel. 
After top coating I then rubbed in some of my trusting nsi cuticle oil as my nails and skin around my nails have been a little thirsty shall I say.  And that is it my notw3.

please excuse the dry nails I haven't been practising what I preach with the cuticle oil(slap on the wrists Claire)