Monday, 30 September 2013

Rockstar Nails

Hope you had a lovely September Weekend (if you were lucky enough to have it off) I began my day by being locked in my bedroom yes very dramatic and no there is no lock on my door. With the doors being pretty old now they have buckled a little and all of a sudden my door handle decided not to work this morning right as I need to leave for my train to work. This resulting in my dad (who thankfully had slept in) removing the door frame and handle to finally bust my door open and yes I missed my train and was unable to go for a peak around Primark this morning before work:(  sad times.

Anyways as a continuation of my post from last night I am going to show you more Shellac. Are you fed up with just a plain colour but not sure what else to do with your Shellac, why not make it more fun and a bit different by adding glitter aka 'Rockstar Nails', every girl needs a sprinkle of glitter in their lives and why not start with your nails.

So sometimes glitter polishes can look very cheap and lets face it a pain in the butt to get off but with 'Rockstar nails' it makes your nails look funky yet classy thanks to shellacs mirror shine and comes off in just 10minutes along with shellac.

You don't always get clients who will go a bit wild with colours and glitter so I've got to snap up any opportunity, here are some photos of my work that I have done either on myself or on family, friends and clients.
Rockstar Wheel
Tinted Love with Ring Finger Blue Rapture with blue glitter fading out from cuticle on myself
Purple Purple with Blue Rapture Rockstar  Ring Finger Sister

Azure Wish layered with Additive  Holographic Rockstar Ring Finger on myself
Holiday nails  Hot Pop Pink with Tropix index and holographic Rockstar ring finger on myself
Tutti Frutti Rockstar
Xmas nails 2012  Red on Red Rockstar Wildfire
Pink Rockstar with Silver Rockstar Ring Finger 
Purple Purple Rockstars with White iridescent 

Mermaid Rockstars  Green to Blue  
Blues & Purple Rockstars
Multicolour Rockstars
One of my favourites...Random yet vintage Rockstars
Azure Wish with Gold Rockstar Stripe Nail Art on Ring Finger 
Azure Wish with Silver Rockstar Tip Nail Art 
Half Moon Mani ...Cake Pop with Gold Rockstar Nail Art
You can never have too much glitter:)
 I hope you like my work and it has given you some ideas for your next manicure.

Which Glitter design is your favourite?
Have you messed around with glitter on your shellac polish?

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Me, Myself & Shelllac

Hope you are having a lovely September weekend.
the other half and I took a little trip to Edinburgh for the day for some shopping but as always I end up spending the money and carrying the shopping bags and Mark doesn't buy anything even though he is running out of time to decide on something for his cousins wedding anyways thats another post.

So today I was going to tell you what I bought but instead I think I'll show you what I love other than shopping...nails, Shellac to be more specific.

So for the past 2years I have been using nothing but Shellac on my nails along with a cuticle oil. I am a total ADDICT!!! As soon as I hear about the new colour ranges coming out I get super excited and start planning nail art designs and colour compositions sad I know but I can't help it, it is soo amazing and NO it doesn't damage your nails.

I have previously already done a post on shellac ( 'hands are jewels not tools') so I am trying not to repeat myself. In this post I will show you simple and some gem work and go on to explain what I done and how I done it.  I hope you like.
Romantique layered with Moonlight & Roses super natural but elegant. Great for keeping nails looking clean & healthy
Plain white Manicure Cream Puff becoming more popular photo doesn't do it justice

Ring Finger Mani  Azure Wish with Hot Pop Pink accent nail
Overtly Onix with silver gems around base of the nail
Wildfire with Red gems on pinky and black lager gems on toes

Tomorrow I will show you how to you can mess around with glitter and jazz up your Shellac.

Have you tried or wear Shellac?
What are your thoughts on it, do you love it as much as I do?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Product Review Double Lash update.


Ok so a few posts ago I said that I had started using "Double Lash Serum" as I had a horrible horrible habit of picking my eyelashes, I know it sounds disgusting and I hated myself when I did it and I was left with 'baldy eyes'.

So I've been using this serum for a few weeks now and I don't know if it the serum or my mascara (which btw isn't a fancy expensive one, NYC curl lash from Superdrug at £4.99?  This mascara is great but you need to be careful how much you apply as it can cause lashes to clump but it definitely makes lashes look longer and thicker.) but my lashes are almost touching my brows!  They are now soo long and I'm noticing that they aren't falling out as often and are barely ever sore anymore. Loosing the pain factor and my lashes becoming stronger has to be down to the serum. People are actually making comments about my own natural lashes, 'are you wearing natural strip lashes, your lashes are so long now they are almost touching your eyebrows'. It's great I'm loving it and when I turn my head to one side you can now see my lashes peaking over my nose (which lets face it isn't the smallest of noses) so I'm so glad I found this serum and stuck to applying it every night before bed. 

sorry for the lack of make up trying to give my skin a rest


I will continue using 'Double Lash' until I've finished it and I will let you know my final results and thoughts. 

Do you have a bad habit like this? 
How did you manage to stop?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Adventures in France... My Last Day

So my relive of my holiday has come to an end such sad times :(

Once all the cleaning and packing was done we enjoyed our last day of sun by the pool then took a stroll around St Mathieu lake again in the evening with our left over bread for the birds.
 I always feel so sad on my last day of holidays but I felt especially sad this time...closing the shutters and packing everything away felt so much depressing than my usual rolling a suitcase out of a hotel. We had no worries, no times for breakfast or dinner it was soo much more relaxed, so much more homey. We could do what we wanted when we wanted there was no rush. The little village we stayed in was so peaceful out in the countryside and had everything we needed well until 7pm when all the shops closed and we couldn't get curry sauce anywhere:). I would also recommend taking a french dictionary out with you just incase your car breaks down and you have no clue what the screen is saying. (yes that happened to us and no we didn't have our dictionary with us and we had no signal and then to top things off my shades snapped while on my face...great day that was but luckily we had met an english couple that could speak fluent french panic over.
There was no shouting drunks or screaming kids which seem to follow us anywhere else we go. No one bothered us, just a polite 'Bonjour' or 'Bonsoir' each day from the 'granny of the village' (thats what she was known as as she always looked out for the neighbours and knew everyone), such a sweet little lady.
Marks photography 
I cant wait to go back, Mark and I have already been making plans to return next year ...yehh not bad having parents that have their own little holiday house in France it would be rude not to use it. There are so many other places to visit that we didn't have the time to see this time round and Mark and I also left a little something hanging on a tree in Brantome so I would love to go back and see if it is still there. As I have said previously...these are all excuses to go back but to be honest I don't need an excuse I will definitely be going back.

       Top           H&M £3.99
     Shorts       Primark £8
Sandals    Primark
Headband     Homemade 

                              Bikini               Primark Top £3 Asda Bottoms £3
Poncho              New look £10.99
    Hat                     Bulgaria 6 lev (£3)
Shellac Cake Pop/Hop Pop Pink & Floral ring finger

I hope you have enjoyed my holiday diary...I have never really stuck to a proper diary before so I hope I didn't do too bad for my 1st attempt, sorry if I babbled on a bit there was just so much to do and say but thats is my Adventures in France over for another year:( Bring on next August.

What did you think of my attempt at posting a diary?
Have you ever tried it?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Aventures in France Days 5&6

 Day 5

Can you tell which place was my favourite :)

Friday was a scorcher so we decided to make the most of it and went to Brantome (my favourite place we visited). Brantome is in the Dordogne, they call it 'Le petite Venice' meaning the little venice as the Monks built the town surrounded by water. As soon as I stepped out the car it took my breathe away...a truly beautiful place, the place I think I want to get married :P
Dress      Primark
Sandals   Primark

Everything in Brantome is soo colourful from the flowers to the ice cream.  Every Friday there is a market like the one we went to previously on Wednesday selling handmade bracelets, baskets and food etc.We got there just in time for the 11am boat trip which was lovely. We paid our 7euros 50 and road the boat down the river for 50mins learning all about the town of Brantome which was very interesting.

To cool down we stopped by a little ice cream shop (which was built into the caves) and the choices where amaaazing. I never knew you could get so many flavours of ice cream. I opted for a tub of, strawberry and blackberrys so yummy my mouth waters at the thought of it.

There are many little interesting shops the one that we both liked was the glass making shop ( The name escapes me) He made the most amazing things from glass I have never seen such intricate and beautiful pieces such as paper weights and jewellery.  I wanted to go back and get a ring ( would have taken me a while to decide which one) but the shop had excuse to go back next time :)

Day 6  

Mr sunshine was out again which was great so we took a trip to St Mathieu lake again for a shot of the pedalos that we had been looking forward to trying.

We enjoyed Brantome so much that we decided to return the next night for dinner and see all the sights in the evening. Ordering dinner really brought my high school/basic french into action I don't think I did too bad We all had a few laughs at me but whats new.

Ham with a pepper sauce and apple crumble and nutella crepe

         Sorry for the burnt red nose:p
         Midi       New Look £12.99
Top        H&M  £3.99

We both loved Brantome such a beautiful place with lots of history I cant wait to go back might actually grab myself a shinning glass ring.
Hope my photos didn't bore you, I had so many for Brantome I struggled deciding.