Tuesday, 23 April 2013

P is for Pamper...

Ok ladies...us girls are always rushing around doing this, that and the next thing but how much time do we spend pampering ourselves....not a lot?

As I am in love with Shellac (as I have said many of times) I try and do my nails at least once every 2 weeks but I dont spend a lot of time actually pampering my hair or skin. So tonight while the other half was watching a very rubbish game of football I decided to do a Shellac mani & pedi seen as I hadn't had my shellac on for a WEEK & A HALF oh my goodness my nails were awful I hate having balding blank nails...yuk ewww. So after doing my toes I decided that while I was doing my mani I'd pop a little face mask on as I am feeling my skin is breaking out a lot at the moment. (Probs with all the chinese and indian food we've been eating but I can't help it, it always tastes soo good). I choose a Dead Sea Mineral Mask from H&M that I got as part of a Christmas gift from Kristy (boyfriends brothers girlfriend, who btw has an amazing blog I really look up to hers, big influence please go and check it out). This mask is made with natural seaweed & rock salt to give a healthy complexion & revitalise tired skin which is exactly what I needed plus it smelled very fresh. If you didn't want to buy a mask you could also make your own with lots of different ingredients such as avocado, lemon juice, an egg and a dash of oil great for freshening up dull skin. While this was on I gave my lips a little scrub with my Lush Lip Scrub  a little lip tlc.

sorry for the scary face:)

that would be face mask over my fingers not some scary disease
I keep the mask on for about 15mins maybe a little longer. After rinsing it off I noticed right away that my complexion looked more even and my skin didn't look so dull. I have a few cheeky little spot so I popped on some 'Witch Stick' and then spread some 'Bio Oil' over my face which is great for before bed to allow the oil to soak in properly overnight my skin feels silky smooth the next day. I have also recently managed to give myself a horrible gash on my arm and so I have been using it on that to speed up the healing process and minimise/stop any scarring and its looking good. Not forgetting my Nivea Lip butter to keep my lips smooooth.

So now I am in bed with beautiful nails(hands & toes) and skin feels great and I am working on the spots :) I think tomorrow I will treat my hair try and nurse it back to health.

How do you pamper yourself? what products do you prefer to use? do you make your own face masks?.

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Product Review - Lush Lip Scrub

Hi :)

As I have a small lipstick fetish at the moment :O
I have been wanting to keep my lips smooth and soft to allow my lipsticks to last longer and look their best.

So as I had said in one of my previous posts I am using the fabulous lip butter from Nivea  which is great for softening your lips and keeping them soft but I still felt that I had slightly chapped lips (eww I know)  so I thought I would try a lip scrub and the most popular one seems to be the 'LUSH' Lip Scrub. Mark and me took a trip to Braehead shopping centre on Friday and while I was there I thought I'd pop into Lush and get a lip scrub. (Mark was acting like a 2 year old touching everything and making a mess...boys will be boys even when they are 23 nearly 24 years old). Hiding up the back were the lip scrubs and there was 3 to choose from, Mint Julips, Popcorn and Bubblegum. It took me a while to decide on bubblegum, I really liked the colour (bright pink), retailing at £5.25.

It is really simple to use just apply a little to your lips and rub in circular motion with your fingertip all over your lips (this clears any dry dry flaking skin) continue doing so until most of the crystal have gone, then you are suppose to lick off the rest. After using it a few times I could definitely feel the difference in lips, no peeling and in general much better condition great for using before you apply a lipstick.

'Keeps lips in tip top condition, for kissing, pouting, talking or anything else you wish to do with them'.

I should have bought it during the winter months but now I'm prepared for next time...well Scotland's always got bad weather I suppose. The only thing I would say is now I wish  I maybe got one of the other flavours as sometimes the bubblegum scrub can be a little too sweet and I don't lick off the remaining crystals as it is soo sweet so I just wipe off what is left but still works a treat. Always remember with this product a little goes a LONG way.

Have you tried Lush Lip Scrub and if so what flavour let me know what you think.

get here

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bargain Revamp

Hi everyone! Be aware I'm going to ramble again ... More shopping.

Ok so I decided I wanted to give my room a little bit of a pick me up, a revamp.

I have had this idea in my head for a week now that I wanted a cake tier to use as a jewellery stand, as i have lots of jewellery boxes filled with bits bobs that I didn't even know I still had. So I got up early got dressed and headed straight to B&M Homestores. I always love having a wee browse around B&M you never walk out empty handed, theres always some sort of bargain to catch my eye. I was super brave and done cleared out of my jewellery and through out a few jewellery boxes and a bundle of costume rings, bracelets and chains ( I should really do an ebay sale got a few bags of things to go)

I must have looked totally lost as I was walking back and forth back and forth, I wanted to buy everything but what I decided on was...well 1st of all I got my cake tier, its a beauty if I do say myself. It comes in 3 pieces, 2 tiers and the centre piece very simple to put together, white/cream metal in the shape of hearts.I love the detail.. soo girly, so me. Whenever I have an idea of something I want and I find it oh it's great I feel pretty proud of myself (:

D.I.Y Cake Tier to Jewellery Stand

I also picked up cute little LED battery heart fairy lights, 10 in a pack for £3.99...bargain! So I went back later on that day and got more shopaholic yes I know I can't stop.

Atm I'm really enjoying having some candles lit. They just make a room look so cosy and peaceful they can really pull a room together and when I saw this glass heart dish, I thought I need to have that next to my bed with 3 little tea light candles.

love a little chilled night with some candles
I don't know about you but I hate rummaging through my make up bag in the morning looking for certain brushes so when I walked by the bathroom dept one of the glass shattered mirror (toothpaste holder I guess it's called) caught my eye I'm little a magpie anything shiny and I'm there for a closer look. Black cylinder with shattered mirror glued randomly all around very sparkly and I just thought it would go nice in my room as a make up brush jar.

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Product Review- Nivea Lip Butter


I took a wee notion for trying some new products this week. While reading a various blogs I had noticed that Nivea Lip Butter was popping up alot in product reviews so I thought now would be a good time to try it and see what all the fuss was about. Now I know why.. my lips have been dry lately due to horrible weather and now they feel amazing...mMmm and it smells so good.
I got the lip butter from Bodycare for a fab £1.49 which I thought was a bargain as its normally £2.49. At first I wasn't sure which flavour I wanted but I finally opted for Raspberry Rose, the other option is Caramel Cream which also smell really good. The 1st night I put it on before bed and when I woke up the next morning I could feel a difference straight away, my lips felt smoother, softer and much more moisturised. I have only been using it for a couple of days now applying it 2x a day but I can't believe the difference in such a short time. With Glasgow's bad weather your hair skin and nails take a bashing but I have been telling everyone about Nivea Lip Butter as it actually works. So ladies if you want luscious lips get out and get yourself a lip butter.

Enjoy your weekend :).

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I Just Can't Get Enough...

So you might guess by now that I have a MAJOR shopping addiction, I love to stay on trend and when I see something I want I NEED to get it and I will go into every shop until I find what I'm looking for :O I don't think I ever use to be as bad this. The past year has been a case if me... buying clothes that I DON'T need and no space to keep them, so I do clear outs but before I get the chance to take it all to charity shops my mum and sister have been in the bags grabbing what they want but that's what they say...charity begins at home, quite literally in my house. 

So to my new buys this weekend.
Sunday... I had my mind set on getting a leather sleeved blazer that I seen a girl in London wearing, since then I have wanted one and found it in H&M during the week but no size 8. So I thought I would look in all the other H&Ms but no luck, so instead I bought a few wee pieces of jewellery from Internacionale. I always forget about Internacionale but sometimes I take a wee notion to have a peek. Here's what I found...

Atm I'm in love with anything rose gold or pink gold so I picked up these little stretch spiked rose gold coloured bracelets 2 for £2.99 bargain so I got them in a gunmetal colour too.

Rose Gold Bracelets £2.99 for 2

Gum Metal Spiked Bracelet £2.99 for 2

I'm really liking jewellery with spikes, crosses, hearts and feathers just now and these little cross bracelets 3 for £2.99 caught my eye. One in gold, silver and rose gold and they are small and stretchy which I love because I find it really hard to find bangles to fit me as my wrists are too skinny lol.

Trio of Cross Bracelets...Gold, Rose Gold & Gun Metal

I also spotted a little collar tips and as I was just out the night before wearing a little shirt that I felt needed something around the neck area but not a necklace I figured lets try these out. Little pearl triangle collar tips with various different chains connecting and...if I don't like it on I can always do a little bit of D.I.Y and cut or take off chains and wear the   pearl triangles as earrings :)

Gold Pearl Chain Collar Tips
 I took a trip to the Fort on Monday to see if I'd be in luck & find my blazer and just as I was about to walk out the shop with no blazer I seen it size 8 and Loved it on so I snapped it up. I also got a tshirt that I actually copied my sister on, its soo cute, black with a darker black velvet motor bike and little roses round the neck with a V cut out the back. I also found a bright cheery purple cosy hat in the sale.

After properly trying the blazer on at home I actually decided that it was a tad bit tight on the arms if i wanted to wear a cardigan underneath so mark took me to Braehead where I managed to pick up a 10 after all that searching for a bloomin' 8 ha owel anyways here it is...

Blazer with Leather Sleeves £29.99
I was going to add these to my wish list below but while I was in H&M in Braehead I had a wee look for flatforms I had seen in town and hiding at the back of the shop I spied a cheeky size 4 :) so snapped them up too :P They feel super comfy lets hope it stays that way and they make my feet look tiny.

This is the lipstick I done my previous post on you can see it better here(:

Wish list ...from H&M this bowler (trilby is that how you spell it?) hat but it just came into the shops last Sat & sold out the same day  jeezo so I'll let you all know if I'm successful :) I just LOVE H&M but I may need to try getting a hat from somewhere else, hopefully they will get it back in. Can anyone recommend anywhere to get one that isnt too expensive?

p.s sorry I rambled on alot this time just so happy with my finds.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So I was online window shopping on New Look when I came across this beautiful colour of lipstick called 'Sleek True Colour in Mystic'...brighter than I usually go for but I was feeling brave. Of course it was 'out of stock' :( so the next day I was out searching in every New Look for this lipstick and could I find it...noo. I am terrible, once I have my eye on something I HAVE to get it so I searched and searched but no luck.

(I have a Sleek eyeshadow palette which I LOVE, I got it ages ago as a gift and I am still using it, the colours are very pigmented, stay on all day and easily spreadable. They have a slight shimmer which is still nice for everyday natural looks or you can dress your look up with the more vibrant colours such as the purple or greens for a night out.)

 So then one day when I wasn't looking for it I came across the 'SLEEK' brand in Superdrug, I was so excited, my eyes darted right for the lipsticks annnd yep there it was the colour I had been looking all over for. I tried it out on my hand and at first I was a bit :O but then I thought about what Mark (boyfriend) is always telling...just get what you want when you see it because you always change your mind and you can NEVER get it again in the colour or size you wanted in the first place. So I went for it.

Swatch still doesn't show just how vibrant this colour is

It's a vibrant pink/purple matte which at 1st kind of put me off as its not very moisturising but after wearing it, it totally stains your lips and lasts all day.They also do some colours in a sheen which seem to be more moisturising not sure if they will stain and last as long but I think I might buy a few more to try.  The packaging is really nice too, very simple but not in a cheap looking way just plain matte black with the brand name 'Sleek' written in black shine. I love the colour Mystic, everybody comments on it and they are so cheap at just £4.99. Great colour for casual or formal wear. I would definitely buy this product again.

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Monday, 1 April 2013

London Haul...

Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

My wee mammy got me these for Easter lol super cosy

Ok so down there in my last post I wrote about London and some of the great things to do and see but what I didn't mention was the shopping and as Oxford Street is the Catwalk of London I thought I'd talk a wee bit about the amazing shops and what I picked up:)

 So back in 2011was the 1st time we went to London & I was introduced to Oxford Street & as Oxford street is the busiest shopping street in Europe opening over 300 shops in 2011 I had to go back. No matter ho many times I go to these shops I am totally amazed by the sheer size of the shops, I loved it but stick together you can get lost easily and find yourself talking to someone beside you thinking its your boyfriend like me when he walked away to try on a hat ha anyways....

While I was being lead along the street by mark my little sat nav :) I was constantly checking out what the people of London where wearing and the bags they were carrying, taking mental notes of what I wanted to look out for and where I wanted to shop. This is why I hardly ever knew where I was always looking at the people never the street names.

This time in London I was set on finding their Primark. As sad as it sounds if I can never get what I have been searching for in a certain shop ie boots I always have to take a trip to Primark for a bit of retail therapy to make me feel better so sad I know but owel thats me.

We also took the subway to the Stratford Centre which just opened last year for the Olympics. Oh how I WISH we had a shopping centre like that in Glasgow I was in my glory, great place to make you feel better on a dull rainy day. Every shop you could think of under one roof. Mark and I dragged each other into every shop and we found one we both really liked that we don't have back home....Bershka, (www.bershka.com) kind of like a Zara? We were there ALL day and we still didn't get round all the shops ,marks feet were killing him not mine, mines don't seem to get sore when shopping:P

I ended up spending quite alot of money sooo I had to tell Mark NOT to let me buy anything else & NOT to talk me into buying anything (he has a habbit of saying "aw yeh that's nice get that, who cares if you've bought alot already just get it")cheeky.

Anyways I loved my shopping trip and here are a few of my buys...

Green Dork Top Primark £6?

Super comfy Studded High Tops Primark £10
Pug Nerd Tee £6.99 Newlook KIDS age 14-15yrs heehee
(too cute couldn't resist)

Leather Pocket Top £11.75 Forever 21
White Lace Top £16.99 Bershka (loved that shop)
LOVE...Black Studded Boots £36 Republic sale
OOTD Bershka top & Republic boots

I searched high & low for these soo excited..Dark Green Disco Pants  £20 Republic sale

OOTD Wicked Date
(didn't buy top in London..H&M £12.99) p.s sorry its so dark bad hotel lighting
P.S just wanted to show off one of my bday gifts from mark...beauty scented candles from a cute little shop called "Marshmallow"(I only know of the one in Cumbernauld) kind of like a Papyrus but cuter cant wait to have a nice bubble bath with one of these lite, hmm which one is your favourite...morning mist, clootie dumpling, scottish glen, icy mountain, raspberry, shortbread, highland cream.

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