Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Product Review- Pearl Drops Toothpaste

Hey there:)

Ok so this might seem a little random doing a post on toothpaste :S but I was so surprised at the result, Pearl Drop Daily Pro White Toothpaste...amazing I love this product I take it everywhere I stay.

 Ever brush your teeth and feel as if you want to brush again 5mins later or run your tongue around your front teeth and still don't feel 100% clean? I deffinately think this is something to try.
I bought this toothpaste from 'Badycare' but I wasn't looking specifically for toothpaste it just happened to catch my eye and I thought 'I'm going to try that see it it actually works' as I was thinking of trying a teeth whitening home kit but thought I would give this a go 1st. I'm so glad I did.
 After using it for the 1st time I noticed a huge difference, my teeth felt so smooth and clean and looked  much whiter (obviously not bleached white but whiter) and this feeling lasted all day, I kept finding myself running my tongue over my teeth.  A few people even commented on them looking whiter which is always a good thing and made it clear that it was working even after 2 brushes.  It is gentle enough that you can use it in place of your regular toothpaste and use it twice a day which is a great thing so you don't have to remember to use 2 different toothpaste :)

Still using this and I would definitely recommend this if your looking for that white clean smile without bleaching because if not done properly it can damage your teeth.

I'm sure it was only £3.99 but either way still cheap as chips and keeps your mouth looking and feeling great:)

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. I appreciate all comments and read everyone one so check back to read the reply. If you have your own blog feel free to leave you link thanks again <3