Tuesday, 23 April 2013

P is for Pamper...

Ok ladies...us girls are always rushing around doing this, that and the next thing but how much time do we spend pampering ourselves....not a lot?

As I am in love with Shellac (as I have said many of times) I try and do my nails at least once every 2 weeks but I dont spend a lot of time actually pampering my hair or skin. So tonight while the other half was watching a very rubbish game of football I decided to do a Shellac mani & pedi seen as I hadn't had my shellac on for a WEEK & A HALF oh my goodness my nails were awful I hate having balding blank nails...yuk ewww. So after doing my toes I decided that while I was doing my mani I'd pop a little face mask on as I am feeling my skin is breaking out a lot at the moment. (Probs with all the chinese and indian food we've been eating but I can't help it, it always tastes soo good). I choose a Dead Sea Mineral Mask from H&M that I got as part of a Christmas gift from Kristy (boyfriends brothers girlfriend, who btw has an amazing blog I really look up to hers, big influence please go and check it out). This mask is made with natural seaweed & rock salt to give a healthy complexion & revitalise tired skin which is exactly what I needed plus it smelled very fresh. If you didn't want to buy a mask you could also make your own with lots of different ingredients such as avocado, lemon juice, an egg and a dash of oil great for freshening up dull skin. While this was on I gave my lips a little scrub with my Lush Lip Scrub  a little lip tlc.

sorry for the scary face:)

that would be face mask over my fingers not some scary disease
I keep the mask on for about 15mins maybe a little longer. After rinsing it off I noticed right away that my complexion looked more even and my skin didn't look so dull. I have a few cheeky little spot so I popped on some 'Witch Stick' and then spread some 'Bio Oil' over my face which is great for before bed to allow the oil to soak in properly overnight my skin feels silky smooth the next day. I have also recently managed to give myself a horrible gash on my arm and so I have been using it on that to speed up the healing process and minimise/stop any scarring and its looking good. Not forgetting my Nivea Lip butter to keep my lips smooooth.

So now I am in bed with beautiful nails(hands & toes) and skin feels great and I am working on the spots :) I think tomorrow I will treat my hair try and nurse it back to health.

How do you pamper yourself? what products do you prefer to use? do you make your own face masks?.

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