Sunday, 10 November 2013

Practical Primark ...OOTD

Waw I am doing great 2 posts in the one night, 3 in the same week. Although I have been busy out and about I wanted to make sure I got some good photographs and spend a little time editing them.
So here is my OOTD I wore for Mark and I's day out. As I stayed at Marks the night before and hadn't planned to be squelching around in mud I didn't really pack for a muddy occasion but it worked none the less.

Most of my outfit is from one of my favourite shops 'Primark'. My fluffy lined parka was a great buy last year at £25. It's not overly heavy that it's too much of a squeeze for a chunky jumper but cosy enough on its own. I love the hood, it's HUGE, lined with fur and also had a thick fur around the edge of the hood. It has plenty of pockets which was great as I didn't need to worry about carrying my bag, my phone, keys and my trusty lip balm slotted right into my larger pockets. Although you won't be able to purchase this exact one there are plenty of new styled parka's in 'Primark' this year and all look very comfy and cosy, if mines wasn't still in good condition I'd treat myself to a new one:)

My red floral print shirt is also a 'Primark' buy just a few months ago although I think I paid something like £10 for mine and now it is reduced to a fiver!! Very jealous, the thing with 'Primark' is if you can hang off for a couple of weeks you may find what your looking for on one of the reduced hangers but if your like me then you'll want everything then and there.
I liked this shirt as it doesn't drown me, I find a lot of bat winged shirts can look massive on me. This one is almost a crop but not quite. I don't know if thats because I'm a shorty or if its an inbetweeny.
It also came with a cute little collar chain with pearls but I had taken it off for the wash and forgot to clip it back on but the sweet pearl buttons are enough on certain occasions. I think I would have definitely been getting some strange looks, out on a muddy walk with my pearls heehee.

A pleather skirt is something every girl should have in their wardrobe. It can be so easily dressed up or down depending on your shoes and top. Again this one is from 'Primark' and I think I paid £8 for it a few months back. I wish now that i waited and got one that had a leather waist band instead of shown the elastic but I suppose it's easily hidden with a belt of some sort. This is very practical for me as i can be a little clumsy sometimes and if I spill anything down this skirt it can be quickly wiped away.

Last but not least my tartan scarf.  I actually bought this one earlier this year when the scarfs 1st came out for £4 and is right on trend at the moment. Its not a wooly scarf but is a good size and still keeps me warm which I'm happy with and it mean i can wear it as an accessory without it looking as though I should have hung it up with my coat before sitting down. 'Primark' have many different colours and styles I actually went back in the other day and bought a cream coloured woollen one which is super cosy and was only £5.

 My boots were from Republic but I got them way back in March in their sale and I'm so glad I let Mark talk me into buying them, they are soo comfy and versatile great buy.