Friday, 8 November 2013

Lets Play Dress Up

Now I know halloween was last week but better late than never so I thought I would show you some of the make up I done on the girls in work. We aren't usually allowed to dress up but seen as the boss man wasn't in until the afternoon we thought we'd take advantage and have some fun. So here is some of my work hope you enjoy.

1st go all there was Julie and she wanted her eye the main feature so we opted for a cob web coming from her eye to her forehead and she really suited it.

I used a kohl black eyeliner pencil and simply drew out my cobweb from the corner of her eye up trying to keep a steady hand. Once I had done that I then went back in and tidied up my lines with a wipe and then highlighted with a white liner pencil.  To add a little more I decided to draw a small spider hanging from the web and sprinkled some black iridescent glitter over it.

Next was Kerry...our broken doll.

For this look I drew a large crack on kerry's cheek and coloured it in with the same kohl black pencil and then drew some smaller, thinner cracks around it. I darkened her eyebrow and shaded the crease of her eye with some grey shadow and made her eye appear wider by adding 2 different sets of lashes a more natural one on her upper lashes and then a longer, thicker set for the bottom, which I stuck on down by her lower eye socket and coloured the space between her bottom lashes and falses white.  To finish this look off I added some brown freckles and a red lip. Julie then went on and curled the side of her hair to match the doll make up and kept the opposite side straight.

Stefania with her Cat Eye....
This was a very different make up from what I have ever done. I made this cat by drawing her eyebrow in black and curving it a little more bringing it right around to her upper eyelid. I then managed to draw the cats head and paw (not the best but with the time I had it was my best attempt). The purple line is a ball of wool which the cat is playing with essentially. To complete the cat I added 2 small green gems to make the eyes which I think really makes it pop.  (sorry for any smudging, the photos were taken a little bit after the make up as I didn't have time in-between).

The Devil which is Eileen.

Eileen didn't want her whole face painted red and by the time she arrived in the salon it was starting to get a little busy so we went for a baby devil. Devil horns coming out the brow and tail extending for her liner. I painted this on using aqua face paint and outlined it all in a 'Maybelline' gel liner, again tidied up my lines using a face wipe and then added a bit more vibrancy using a fuchsia pink shadow in the crease of her eye. and finished with a scarlet red lip. A little bit different I thought.

Charlie wasn't sure what she wanted done but didn't want something scary so a butterfly wing was what she opted for, something bright and colourful. 

Yes halloween is meant to be scary but there's nothing stopping you from being girly and cute. This make up was more of a face paint done with 'Sleek' eyeshadows which were great as they gave the butterfly wing a more metallic appears. Again I outlined the wing with 'Maybelline' gel liner which I drew on 1st and then applied the shadow and then went over the liner again once I was happy with the shape. To finish it off we added some gold gems that I stuck on using eyelash glue, footery but definitely were needed to give the wing more depth. I forgot to take a picture of Charlie's hair but I made it look like a flower by tying it up in a png and then sectioning it off into 4 parts then back-combed and rolled each section in(2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) to give a flower shape. 

My final make up to do was Catherine who is VERY easy going and seen as I had some time to kill before my next client we went all out. Vampy Cathy. 
She was great, totally loved being a vampire and no one could take her seriously. People would forget she had her face painted and turn round to ask her something and get the fright of they lives. I simply sponged on aqua white face paint and buffed it out. Then I applied some dark purple & pink shadow all around her eyes (it was darker but picture doesn't show it as well). Darkened her brows and contoured her temples and cheekbones. Finally I painted red aqua onto her lips and smudged it out off her lip-line on one side and then let some run down her chin as blood dripping from her mouth. I also painted a small bite scar on the side of her neck from when she was changed. Julie then went onto do her hair. Catherine's hair is a grown out bob so sits just under her chin maybe a tad bit longer and Julie back-combed it within a inch of its life to get it as high as possible and then of course every girl needs a little glitter spray in the hair.

And last but not least there's me...Claire the Cat well the wild cat. 

I did my own make up and wasn't quite sure what to do. one client had called that week looking for a leopard print make up and so I decided to steal her idea but kept it simple by just applying the print around one eye (time being tight and there only being one make up artist).
I applied 'New C.I.D.' shadow all around one eye from my forehead to my cheek. I then took a darker brow shadow and brushed on random shaped spots and outline them in gel liner. I f they are all different shaped you get a much better effect. I then done some cat eye liner with the same gel and defined my eyebrow. To top it off I stuck some bronze/gold glitter again with eyelash glue which btw is a pain to get off your skin onto some on my leopard spots to make them stand out a little more. A nude lip and a little bronzer all round and done. 

I then asked Julie to roll my ponytail into a bow shape (which she had never done before and for her 1st attempt she done great). After explaining it to her she had it up and pinned in within 5 minutes and it was high enough that the top of the bow could be seen from the front and acted as my cat ears.The clients loved it and it definitely completed my look.

here we all are in character.

Which make up is your favourite?
Did you mess around with any halloween looks this year?