Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Little Grotto

Hello again, as I said I am going to keep trying to blog as much as possible and seen as I've got a few more days off I thought I would get the posts up that I was meant to post before Christmas. These are just little ideas of how I decorated my room and marks:P for the festive period without breaking the bank...a few ideas you could maybe use for next year and grab a few bits in the sales.

This year I didn't want a tree for my room (didn't really see any that caught my eye) so I bought these little glass tree with multicoloured bobbles that hang from them. the come both in clear glass or green my mum went for the green so I opted for the clear which fit in lovely with my bedroom decor. 'Watt Brothers' £7.99 for larger tree & £4.99 for smaller.

I LOVE fairy lights at the moment so when I made my weekly visit to 'B&M' I picked myself up a few sets with small pearls attached and popped one set inside a large round vase with my little Christmas pudding bobbles to dress it up and the other set along my window ledge weaving in and out of my candles. Lights £3.99 and pack of 3 christmas pudding bobbles 99p (I got 2 packs), round vase £2.99 all from 'B&M'.

While we were at 'Ikea' we spotted cute lanterns and having a set of fairy lights to put somewhere I decided to put some glitter miniature bobbles into the lantern with the tiny fairy lights. Mark loved mine so much he then copied me :P  Lantern £2 'Ikea', bobbles £2.99 'B&M', tiny fairy lights £1.50 'Primark'.
My lantern 
Marks lantern (bobbles from Ikea)
Another obsession of mine the now is candles, I use to hate when people bought me them but now I have loads so I treated myself (as if I never buy myself anything) to some Christmassy ones from 'Primark'. Little santa £1.50 and Glitter candles £2.50, cheap as I bought two of each.
red candle from Ikea pack of 36 scented candles for £3.75 they smell amazing!!
As Mark was feeling a little less festive than me this year he decided to perk himself up by buying a mini tree for his own room from 'Next' £22 lights inc. With his left over red bobbles from 'Ikea' we decorated it together and wrapped another set of the tiny 'Primark' lights around it ....aww how cute. (I love that Mark is now warming to 'Primark' haha).
These teeni tiny beautiful, glass Christmas bobbles are from 'Paperchase' £10, Marks new favourite shop. It sells a little bit of everything and even has a small cafe up the stairs, kind of like a fancier WHSmiths. I love just sitting looking a the different colours and designs on the bobbles. Sadly with Mark being very lazy and unorganised he didn't actually put them anywhere but I reckon these would look lovely all year round in a  round or tall vase mixed with little fairy lights but we shall see.

Last but definitely not least meet Patrick the penguin, Mark also bought one, Penelope (well was forced into it:P). I seriously could not resist these little polystyrene balls for £6.99 you can't complain they will live forever.
B&M £6.99
Oh and these were our take on homemade 'real orange chocolate orange' we found on one of "Zoella's' youtube videos (love her videos oh and I have serious hair envy you can see her step by step here) and thought they looked yummy so we took a messy bash at it...oh it was soo good but very messy.