Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Out With the 'Auld' & In With the New

Another year has flown by and I have spent the last day of 2013 in my jimjams organising my blog for the next week. I can't believe how quick the years are going now all rolling into one but it was a good 'in.

2013 was a happy year but also a sad and stressful year but I believe everything happens for a reason. Some of my highlights were visiting my mum and dad's little house in France for the 1st time was great (you can read about our week in posts 1, 2, 3 &4), soo relaxing and we are hoping to go again only this time take Marks brother and his lovely girlfriend (who has never been abroad so that will be exciting).
Another was meeting all of Marks family in Blackpool for his beautiful cousins wedding. It was lovely to see everyone make such an effort and they all made me feel soo welcome.
I also set up my blog and please forgive me I am still learning as I go and I really want to put more effort into writing it and as cheesy as it sounds, I would like to thank everyone that follows and reads my blog, I know I not the best by far but I shopping, nails and make up and I am enjoying keeping all my thoughts in my little piece of the internet for you all to read if you wish.
I have just renewed my insurance for my car meaning I have successfully been driving for a whole year now and I am still loving my little fiat 500.

So for 2014 I would like...

  •  To keep up my blog, try harder, be more organised and blog regularly. I read Lily Melrose blog last night after writing this post and she was so inspiring to me as a new blogger and she is 100% right. Getting into the blogosphere has proven to be a little more difficult than I first thought. 2013 seemed to be the year for blogging and now a lot of people judge you on everything rather than it being for 'fun/a hobby', therefore a lot of people hold back when it comes to following or commenting on a new blog. A bit of encouragement or advice from experienced bloggers would be so helpful to let people/me know that the effort we are putting into our blogs is being noticed. I don't think my blog is in anyway the best and I don't expect it to hit 1000 followers or even 100 over night, I still have a long way to go but its good to know if I'm heading in the right direction. So yeh I chose a hard year to start but I'm going to push myself any spare time I have I want to be typing up posts instead of shopping everyday or lounging around. I sat all day yesterday writing notes and typing up posts that are now just awaiting images which I have plans to do today and then they will be ready to go and it felt so good that I was able to be so productive with my blog. So fingers crossed my blog will grow, I would love to try 'youtube' but I am a little nervous about that and I would definitely need to invest in a good camera and not steal Marks all the time, so we shall see how I get on:) ...  sorry for the rambling next. 
  • Try new things but spend less money and time out shopping. I would like to try and spend my money on things like 'Love Me Beauty Box' which is a subscription you pay monthly where you receive a beauty box with 4 or 5 different beauty products from hair, skin and make up. Some of which are tester size but a lot are FULL SIZED, amazing for £10 a month so I'm going to sign up for that in the new year. Doubt it will replace my 'Primark' shopping addiction or me popping into 'Superdrug' for a peak but it's a very easy way to try new products and learn about brands and company's that are out there.
  • I want to go on more training/course for my work eg nails. My boss will be very happy about that. I have been trying to get on a course for 'Brisa Sculpting Nails' for months now and I am going to pester 'The Centre' until I can get a date because I bought the kit months ago and it is all just sitting in my cupboard...I don't want it to be money I've wasted, which brings me onto my next point.
  • I want to spend more time reading. I try and read now and then but it tends to be blogs on my phone or computer. I want to spending less time on technology and stick my nose into a book as it takes me forever to get through one as I tend to only read during my 15min train journey so more reading at night.
  • Last but not least I want to eat and drink healthier and relax more, meaning making lunches for work, drinking more water and try to have breakfast in the morning.I need to stop bringing work home with me. I would also like to treat myself to a massage/facial once a month. (this will hopefully help with my shopping addiction). I constantly ramble on at work to my clients about how important it is to relax and look after your skin and body, I should really practice what I preach so my 1st relaxation day is going to start  next Tuesday at the 'Pure Spa' in 'Silverburn' which Mark booked me for Christmas.
And that is me.. 5 points to try and keep to over the course of 2014. I am going to work really hard at sticking to them. CHEESE coming on- I would just like to say a big thank to 'SmugPug' as she has given me alot of support over the last few months with my blog and she really helped me understand more and my boyfriend Mark as he has been a massive support to my blog as he is the one who helps me with my photographs and helps me edit so thank you to you both! <3

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year, all the best for