Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentine Nails...Tinted Love


As it was Valentines on Friday I thought I would have themed nails again...maybe not to the extreme of my Xmas ones by adding some hearts to my Shellac manicure. I would also like to say that my allergic reaction has completely cleared up, I no longer have HUGE, red, itchy ears and a horrible rash thank goodness for that. It turns out I was suffering from possibly an allergic reaction to fake earrings And also an allergic reaction to my antibiotics which gave me the rash but all is good now.

While I was through in Edinburgh doing a course on a new nails system I treated myself to some 'Brisa Smoothing' which is a fab power partner to Shellac. It's great for dry, damaged, brittle, or ridged nails as it goes on under your chosen Shellac colour or left as a clear on its own and acts as a strengthening primer/foundation by filling in the ridges leaving your nails 'smooth'. Or I f your someone who isn't able to keep Shellac on for the full 2weeks, due to delamination or if your guilty for using your nails for cleaning, (scratching dirt off a surface, no marigolds) then 'Brisa Smoothing' is the product for you. It allows your Shellac to be applied more evenly over the nail surface, and hides all the sins underneath, no one would ever know you have damaged/ridged nails therefore your Shellac will last longer, maybe even 3weeks+.

So with this weeks nails I decided to apply a thin layer of smoothing onto certain nails that I find maybe are prone to peel and my thumbs which I'm very guilty of using to scrape wax off of things. I then painted my nails with 'Shellac 'Tinted Love' which was one from their autumn collection last year. Its a rich dark pink with a hint of red, reminds me very much of "OPI Manicurist of Seville". To add a bit of the Valentine theme to my nails I thought I would free hand small hearts onto my thumbs and middle finger with 'Blackpool & Cocoa', using dotting tools. Very simple to do just dip your chosen dotting tool and dip into colour then place 2 dots side by side onto the nail then drag the 2 dots together meeting to a point. Simple as that.
I hope your having a lovely Tuesday.