Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Little Bit of D.I.Y & 'The Elephant Parade'

Around about 5 years ago while I was still in college I went to 'Hobby Craft' to buy some bits and bobs to stick onto one of my make up look mood boards and spotted a paper-mache like 'C'. I'd always liked the way they look on a shelf or as book ends so I bought one thinking I could paint it or stick things to it but it lay in my cupboard until now.
One day at 'B&M' me and my sister took a walk around the wallpaper department and tore off a few samples, rather large samples but shhh. This is a great way to cover a canvas on the cheap, well depending on the size but grab yourself a few paper samples and chop and change your canvases instead of going out and buying different images.One of the paper samples I had taken was a pale pink and white vintage patch work with roses, birds, lace designs etc and I decided that that was what I'd cover my 'C' in as it had a little bit of everything.

 You will need...material/paper to cover, a pencil, scissors, a rubber and some glue. 

I began by painting my C with plain white paint giving it a few coats, then I selected the section wall paper I liked and traced around the 'C' and the outer shape. I then sized it up making sure it was going to fit just right trimming any excess off the front and then began to stick it down the outer side 1st a little bit at a time ensuring there was no air bubbles. I used 'UHU' an all purpose adhesive but whatever you've got is fine. After sticking down the front making sure the edges meant I left it dry then rubbed out any visible pencil lines and that is all it has to it, very easy and cheap to do but unique to you.
I love personalising things and would really like to get into personalising my clothes but haven't tried that yet maybe next time.

Aww...while I'm here I'd just like to pop in a bit about the amazing hand painted elephants that are displayed all around 'Braehead' shopping centre that are dedicated to a charity called 'The Elephant Parade'. It was founded buy a man and his son who found a baby who'd stepped on a landline and wanted to help and so set up this lovely charity. Down the stairs they have a stall showcasing some of the elephants in all different sizes from brooches to knee height models all painted with a different pattern one of which was called 'Spideyphant' you can guess it was painted like spiderman but others had stunning flowers, the prices can be quite high but its all for a good cause. It was one of my lovely clients that told me about it and as I love elephants she gave me a beautiful brooch. So when your out shopping take a look and help the elephants.

Baby Mosha