Sunday, 11 August 2013

Don't Give Up?!?

I just want to say sorry to anyone that follows me and reads my blog, I haven't been writing much as I have been busy with work, doing everyones nails for going away making me super tired lately. I've also been feeling a little down, stressing about my skin as I've been getting a lot of blemishes which have been scarring (i can explain all that another day :( ). I've been wanting to get fitter, tone up and loose a little bit of weight around the stomach not that I'm fat just not what I want to be. But I shouldn't be making excuses, I guess I'm not very good at this but I don't want to give up and fall away for blogging.

It's not that I don't know what to write or don't have anything to say, for me it's about remembering to take pictures (good pictures) of the outfit I'm wearing or the places I've been or the products I've tried and thinking would people read this, is anyone reading this???
I am definitely going to try harder to take more photo's and blog more regularly.

I want to become a proper blogger and I know if I work hard at it I will. Sounds so cheesy but it is something I have been interested in doing for years and I'm not someone who gives up easily but I find it hard sometimes when I don't see anyone reading what I've taking the time to photograph and write about. I guess I'm still learning how to blog properly and what all the option buttons mean but hopefully if I stick at this and try harder it will pay off ... I've just got to remember blogging should be fun not a chore and I am                                                                                               going to start enjoying it :)

If anyone else finds it hard to keep up with blogging and can give me hints and tips to writing better and keeping blog  going I'd love to hear them.