Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Product Review- Double-Lash


So I went shopping...again,
I was only meant to be in town long enough to return a few bags full of clothes that I had bought on impulse the week before and ended up spending more...what am I like.

Anyhoo I popped into Boots for a change (I'm usually a Superdrug kinda girl) and while I was having a peak at the false lashes and bits and bobs like that I noticed 'Double-Lash, for longer, denser, stronger lashes'. This is something I have been meaning to try out for a long time as I have lost ALOT of my natural lashes.

...As I work in a salon its very easy for me to get beauty treatments done or do them myself, if I have the time, and a few years ago maybe 2 years ago I was addicted to Party Lashes. Party lashes are individual little clusters of fake lashes that can be added to the corners of your own lashes or all along your lash line to create longer, fuller lashes. So I would get a fresh set of these maybe every week or two until I developed a very very bad habit of picking them out (I cannot stress enough when I say do not pick fake or natural lashes out ) So after near enough a year of me gluing the lashes in and pulling them out (after about 5days when they weren't ready to come out), my own natural lashes then started to fall out more often than they should. They became sore at the roots and I would rub and pull at them slightly to relieve pressure but they just fell out to the point where I had very weak and very little lashes especially in the corners.
I never went to the doctors as I knew it was my own fault from picking at the false ones but I think I ended up with blocked follicles. Banning myself from party lashes I then tried strips and stopped wearing mascara to see if this would ease off the pain in the roots of my lashes and it did for a while until eventually I had to stop putting anything on my lashes for a few months.

As a result of me doing this to myself ( may I add you are not reading some crazy girls blog )  my lashes have never been the same, they are very short, thin and sparse the exact opposite to what I would like them to be... So to the point I bought the Double Lash serum and I have now used it over 3 nights. It's so easy to use and causing no irritation, just apply like a mascara from root to tip on clean lashes at night and leave to work as you sleep. I can't say I've seen any sort of change...yet but I am definitely going to keep using it and I shall let you know how I get on.

What do you think? Have you tried any lash serums, have they worked? let me know.