Sunday, 25 August 2013

Time to Pack a Bag Le France ice je veins


Jealousy is a terrible thing but when your family are all back from their holibags looking extremely brown :( I'm not going to lie, I get ooober jealous. Especially when my tan didn't last very long from June )but... Mark and I just booked up on tuesday to jet off again and top up the tans...soo excitinggg !!!

Originally it was Paris we were thinking of but as much as I would love to go and always have done the usual we left booking a holiday to last minute and I just couldn't be bothered searching through endless lists of hotels, plus the fact it was rather expensive for just 3 days...I wasn't feeling it 100%.

Just a few years ago my mum and dad bought a holiday home in France and would you believe it I have never been...shock horror!! Again I have been pretty jealous that the family have been over every school holiday and even some of my mums friends have been but now it's my turn and I'm really looking forward to it... Our own little private villa never had a holiday like this always been hotels oh and a caravan good times.

So we are off tomorrow for a week well tonight (2am to be exact to deive to Liverpool where we are flying from) but I will take as many photos as I can and show you guys what we got up to...hopefully no trouble :)

Well I better get off and finish packing I've got to squeeze a weeks holiday clothes into a 10kg hand luggage dad said "you dont need luggage theres a waahung machine" Mind you wev got to try keep the costs down renting a car for over there is so expensive, ridiculous but it will be worth it I can't wait. Le France ici je viens  (I better get practising some French)

Well I didn't want to leave without saying "Goodbye" See you in a week, hopefully I'll be browner :)  


 Where have you been on holiday?