Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Claire's Candles

Recently I have developed a slight addiction to candles, candle holders and fairy lights from Ikea, Primark and B&M :s so I thought I would share all my addictions with you. the summer scents have al been put away making space for the new autumn/winter ones...exciting, sad I know but I love it.

Welcome to my bedroom.

L-R Ikea plant pot, a trio candle holder from Asda and a larger lace design candle holder (see here). I actually have the smaller candle holder which looks fab with an LED but I now use it to store my make up brushes as I have a part in my desk to hold a cup and it fits perfectly in that little space. But instead of potting plants or using large candles I decided to put a press LED inside the 2 ikea pots which are also from Ikea. Something a little different, the LED's with the lace cut outs leave a beautiful reflection on the wall in a bluey tone. There are a few different styles of these plant pots

 Heart wooden fairy lights from B&M only £3.99 , I think. I've bought so many lights lately its hard to keep track. So I've got one set wrapped around the bottom of my bed and also around the head.....These are battery operated and give off a soft light.

 Sweet heart dishes. 3 in a pack 2 polka dot and 1 plain from New Look. I suppose you could use these for anything keeping your rings on, a little tealight as I have done or even just left sitting on their own. They are soo cute I couldn't resist at £4.99. Sorry I couldn't find these guys on New Looks website but I'm sure they are still in store.

 Ikea lantern found here for just £2.  Its made to hold a tealight but I have now popped a little set of fairy lights inside that I got from Primark for only £1.50 amazing.

 Glittery glass candle from Primark just £2.50 bargain! Photo doesn't do it justice.

 I love these little things! I actually got these free. Last Christmas my bosses cousin came into the salon and left a big box of goodies one of which was these little glass lanterns filled with marshmallows, mini choco buttons all the goodies for a great hot choc. It wasn't until Sunday night that I actually looked at them properly and decided to clean them out and whala (is that how it's spelt?).

I snatched these up from Primark  only £2.50 and they are so delicate. Silver on the inside and a mauve pink/purple with this stunning design repeated all around which allows the candle light to flicker through.
 I really like anything hearty at the moment. This larger heart glass plate, from B&M £2.99. Again this can probably be used for numerous this but I tend to use it to sit tealights on or for placing my watch etc on at night as I have a terrible memory and always forget where I put my jewellery.

 Same heart plate as above but with a larger candle.

This is my newest edition to my candle family. Cranberry & Orange yankee lookalike from B&M for only 99p, cheap as chips! I have a berry candle the same as this one for when summer comes back around...got to be prepared. Although this is a relatively small candle the scent it gives off fills my room with sweetness, I can't wait to go back to B&M for more.

I hope I have given you some nice ideas for your room when it comes to small details (clutter as my dad calls it). My 'clutter' has made me my dads best friend as his electricity bills will be reduced from me using all these candles and battery run lights :)
Every girl needs a few candles, they are great for a pamper night in, relaxing & creating a calming atmosphere, my only problem is I can't stop buying them and with the seasons changing new scents available of course I want them all:)

Do you have a favourite scent for autumn? How do you show off your candles?

most photographs taken by Mark McGrory and his fabulous camera. Thank you:)