Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Her Name Was Lola...

First off I hope you like my new blog page/design/colours, I'm still struggling with different parts of and I am still learning the customising side of blogging but I think I'm finally getting to grips with some of it (any hint, tips & tricks would be much appreciated ;)), it's only taken me what 6 months. Owel better late than never I guess anyways onto the post...Last week I met little Lola who is a 4month old pomeranian in other words an oober cute ball of fluff. Nadia her owner was on work experience at my salon and visited to get her colour done and brought along her baby who I must say stole my heart. I am a total dog lover and she was up for lots of fun, running up and down the salon chasing me, having a sniff at everything and everyone.

I went back to my trusty fav at the moment 'Tango Passion' and after being at 'The Centre Edinburgh's' annual open day and having a fair good nosey at new products, hints and tips I wanted to try a different effect with my oil spill nail foil. Instead of stippling it, this time I placed it down diagonally across the tip of my thumb and pinkie, pressed down and then slowly peeled it off. Thus leaving a super shiny opaque foil design. Very easy to do but looks pretty cool when the light hits it and the 'oil spill' shows through.  As always I like to do a little something on my ring finger and as polka dots are coming back, using my stylus tools I dotted 'cream puff' and 'cake pop'  (white & pastel pink) at random covering my whole nail. I get that my nails didn't really match but as I work in a salon, having a few nails different is an easy way to advertise what we can do with 'Shellac'. You don't always have to be plain Jane.