Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blackpool Desert Poppy: NOTW

I would just like to apologise for any random posts popping up on 'bloglovin' if you follow me on there (if not please do and thank you). I was cleaning up backstage sorting out my 'labels/tags' last night and may have hit publish instead of save a couple of times, so yeh sorry about that.

On to the quickest nails I have done in a long time...still took me an hour mind you.

Shellac base coat 
Shellac Blackpool x2 coats on thumb, pointing, middle & pinky fingers 
Shellac Desert Poppy x2 coats on ringer fingers
Shellac top coat 
Although black nails are lovely on their own sometimes I feel they need something more, a little brightening up. The orange pops against the black which I think attracts the eye.

 I also went to visit my wee gran on Tuesday, we had some tea, cake and a good catch up. I then done my usual Diva Tuesday thing and went over to Braehead for some shopping as I hadn't done any since mid last week so I was beginning to have withdrawal  and felt left out of the fashion world. I picked up a few nice little pieces from the likes of H&M and Topshop so I will show you them during the week and I will possibly have some more bits to add by then. I am also on the hunt for a vintage looking middle sized photo frame maybe in cream or white where I can hang my chains from, so let me know if you see any :)

 I hope being back at work hasn't been too stressful at least for most it's only a four day week but not for me unfortunately, the joys of working in a salon.