Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Red Lip Monochrome Kind of Day

Happy Easter! I hope your enjoying this beautiful weather. I took a cheeky day off yesterday so Mark & me took a drive through to St Andrews, taking full advantage of the sun. For a few months now I have been pondering over buying a crop tee's as I have never felt 100% confident flashing the flesh but since I treated myself to high wast 'Moto' jeans from Topshop I have been a little more adventurous with my tops. Seen as the sun is shining I felt today was the day to brave the cropped tee. 
So today's outfit consists of a very monochrome look (which I am lovin' it at the moment) and all new items as yes again I went shopping.  Starting with my new favourite top from H&M, a white crop tee with 'Love' written across it in black. Sorry it doesn't seem to be on the site yet but just new in. Mark surprised me with black high waisted 'Moto Joni' jeans which are thee best fitting jeans I have EVER owned...amazing, I haven't had them off. On my feet I have black fur Topshop skater slip ons  and pulled it all together with an H&M cream, sheer mid length kimono, different colour here. Kimonos are so easy to wear thick or thin and can be worn casual or formal or just thrown over a bikini. I am totally addicted to them I now have 9 yes 9, all different colours and designs. And not forgetting my trusty Rimmel 'Kate Moss' red lippy in shade 107 for a pop of colour 

I thought I'd give monochrome Shellac nails a go this time round which wasn't my best idea as I work in a salon and they got covered in tint and goodness knows what after only 2 days:( , but they looked good to begin with and I was getting lots of nice comments. 

We had a lovely day strolling around having a look in all the gift shops and of course done a little shopping, had coffee and hot chocolate at a cute little cafe called 'Bibi's' and had lunch at the coolest 'Nando's' I have been in yet. I really enjoyed our drive through countryside and being able to  walk around with no brolly or parka. I t was also lovely to see all the new bouncing baby lambs, everything comes to life when the sun comes out and bless a poor farmers tipped potato truck.. I also seen my first very happy cow, an all round lovely day.