Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hands Are Jewels Not Tools...


Are you fed up with your nails looking like this ^ well worry no more. Not long ago I treated myself to a Shellac kit. As I have already said I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing nails especially when it's Shellac. If you haven't already heard about Shellac well don't worry I'll fill you in and believe me once you try it you will be hooked. CND Shellac™ is the original and only Power Polish service, empowering you with 14+ days of superior colour, no matter what life brings you. Set it and forget it. Mirror shine, zero dry time. Improve your nails with an armour coat that says, "see you in 2 weeks".I started of with just 6 colours and now it has grown to 22 I think :s.
 Shellac is definitely one of my addictions, I always have to buy the new colours as soon as they are launched I'm even sad enough to preorder them :o Owell what can I say...I like to be up to date with the new trends.
Spring/Summer Collection 2013

 A few of my clients are cabin crew or nail biters and Shellac is great for  keeping your nails strong and allowing them to grow because of it's 14 day wear you don't have to worry about it chipping(unless you are extremely hash bash with your nails ofcourse). Shellac will not damage your nails as long as you take it off properly...so no peeling ladies! I constantly have my Shellac on you will never see me with bare nails. As one of the ageing signs of a woman is her hands we want to be looking after them so get yourself out there and get a Shellac mani and let me know how you get on, you won't look back.(shellac is a technician/salon only brand) You can make your shellac manicure as personal as you want by adding glitter, gems layering different colours together, let your imagination run wild. Here are a few Shellac manicures I have done recently, Thanks for reading hopefully getting a bit better hope you like my Shellacs :) 

Love ClaireeFairee... 

Cream Puff

Overtly Oynx
Tutti Fruitti + Glitter
Purple Purple