Monday, 18 March 2013

Here Goes Nothing...My Biggest Achievement

Ok so for my 1st ever blog post I think I'll start with my Christmas gift to myself last year... Fifi (my Fiat 500).
 It was August last year that I decided I was going to sit my driving test and aimed for a pass for Christmas (was being quite tough on myself).So I booked my theory test for the end of August, I hadn't studied the theory side of driving since I was 17 (when I chickened out) so you could imagine how much studying I had to cram in. I wasn't backing out this time! This is when my Ipad came in VERY handy (thanks to my boyfriend mark:) ). I was able to study constantly using a learners app. I was the only girl sitting the test that afternoon but I went in put my headphones on and walked out with a PASS! HURRAY!! All that hard work had paid off.
 I had my practical test booked by October and I was soo excited that I had something to work towards. My test date came and guess SNOWED!! So my test got canceled I was never going to sit my test before Christmas now after spending all that money cramming all my lessons in. I was so upset... but I stopped blubbering and went out for a lesson in the snow.
That night I was on the DVLA website all night until finally someone made a cancelation for Monday the 10th of December exactly a week away so I snapped it up. I was soooo excited I was back on track all I to do was stay calm and not let my nerves get the better of me. Monday morning 8.30am and guess what guys I did it, I finally got my licence YIPEE.

After car shopping that day no cars tickled my fancy but what's for you won't go by you. I came across a Fiat 500 on the web but it was down in Manchester, it had everything I wanted the right colour, the interior (i was being super fussy :s) My dad called me the next day to say that him & my mum would be home late that night ... they were driving down to Manchester to get my car for me all I had to do was transfer the money AHH I couldn't wait to get home.  Even now when I see my little Fifi sitting in my driveway I still can't believe it's my little car:)

Set yourself Goals & Aim High the sky is the limit. 
Thanks for reading sorry for rambling on a bit I will get better I promise . love ClaireeFairee <3