Tuesday, 26 March 2013

London Adventures

Recently I turned 22 and for my birthday mark (my boyfriend) and I decided to book a last minute 4day trip to London.
Bday Cake Chosen by Dad
We got the overnight megabus on the night of my birthday arriving in London earlier than planned at 6AM. I have NEVER seen London so quiet. We couldn't check into our hotel until 3pm so we walked around with blistered heels for about 7hours. We found this lovely French cafe/restaurant where we had hot chocolate and a bacon & egg roll....it was delish.

We stayed at a travel lodge in Kings Cross which was only a 5min walk from the subway, handy on a cold night. The hotel could have done with a refurb but the rooms where clean, breakfast buffet was good and it was close to an all line subway so we didn't really need anything else.

Here are a few things we done...

So just before checking in we went down to Leicester square and we got ourselves some tickets to see 'WICKED', which was amazing such a great show, if you didn't already know it's coming to Glasgow 2014 at the Kings, I would definitely recommend going to see it and you don't have to spend a fortune on the tickets we got ours for £32.50 (the cheapest tickets not on sale) and we were still only 15rows from the front.

 So we went to see that on the Monday night after shopping at the Stratford centre which was absolutely massive, I have never seen a shopping centre like it, there was every shop you can think of.We arrived at the shopping centre about 11am and didn't leave until half 4 and we still didn't get round all the shops. It was snowing a bit that day so we didn't go out to see the Olympic Stadium, saved that for next time :P.

 On Tuesday we got up and went to the Zoo which was good fun but again it was a very cold day, the sun kept trying to puss through but the wind was just so icy cold. There was a 6 month old little monkey who was being a cheeky little thing annoying his brothers and getting them to chase him, we stood for about 20mins just laughing at him, so cute. I loved the big lions, one of the lionesses, who was HUGE I'd never seen a female as big maybe pregnant I don't know, but she was beautiful. She lay right at the glass window posing for my camera, I could have sat there all day watching her but my legs were getting sore kneeling + it was freezing. That night we went round to M & M World which was pretty cool. I didn't know there was so much m&m merchandise...loads 3 floors full.

On our last day we went a wee bight of sight seeing, bringing back memories when we 1st saw the London Eye and Big Ben. There is loads to do in London depending on your interests and no matter the weather you can always have fun p.s the subways are great we used them alot this time as your feet get super sore walking all day + if your a shopper like me you'll hav alot of bags :)

   Here are a few more of our photos from our trip....

Our 1st Trip to London ha

Taken/Edited by Mark

Taken/Edited by Mark

London Eye 
How Beautiful
London Zoo
Monkey Madness
More M's
Taken/Edited by Mark

Azure Wish Shellac

Have you ever been to London what did you see? Where did you go?

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed.
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