Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hip Hip Hurray...

Oh my goodness it has finally arrived, Glasgow now has a Forever 21:D

Ever since I went to New York last march I've been in love with Forever 21, the stores are always so big and bright and I don't think I have ever seen so many girls clothes in one shop before. Anyway since then I have been hoping for a store to open in Glasgow and when I heard they were building new shops on Buchanan street and that Forever 21 was one of them I was soo excited. So it opened on fri there and they were offering a free gift card to the first 150 people in line for the opening, may I say the line was HUGE when I passed on the way to work but I was soo jealous, I had to wait until today to shop. Well actually I popped in quickly with mark after work on Saturday but I wanted to wait until today to have a proper look around and jeezo it is huge and was super busy. I must have been in there for about 2hours going up and down deciding what I wanted to buy. I didn't think there would be much to catch my eye as I was just as the London store a week ago but oh I was wrong, I must have forgotten I am a shopaholic for a moment :O

So the result to my day was 5 tops a little shopper bag and a cuff necklace. I did want little black ankle boots but their size 4s a quite small and they didn't have a 5 :( maybe next time :P.

Love shopper bag
Here are some of my finds...
thanks for reading,  Love ClaireeFairee 

forever 21 spend

£14.75 product no. 15211131032
£9 product no. 36606839752
£11.50 product no. 37962049023