Saturday, 7 September 2013

Adventures in France. Days 1 & 2

Welcome to Saint Mathieu

photo cred Mark
So I'm now back in Scotland sadly after having an amazing week in France, holidays go by far too quickly, we work our butts off to get away and then poof it's gone.
I have decided to write my next few blog posts about my holiday adventures as diary entries so I'll begin with the 4 hour drive to Liverpool at 2am which was hard I'm not going to lie  (+ it was my first long distance drive great time to choose eh)  but we got there alive and safe right on schedule.

Day One  in France
We just concentrated on getting to the house and the pool up and running. Me being a tad bit OCD I had to give the house a quick once over before chilling out. After a stroll through the sweet little village (my favourite was all the little houses with all their different coloured shutters) we crashed out.

Day Two in France
     Shorts        Primark
         Tshirt          Primark
     Headband   Primark 
We drove about 20 minutes from the house to a man made lake called ST Estephe lac which was lovely. Although we drove everyday to somewhere different it didn't feel long because the roads where surrounded by beautiful scenery (sunflower fields, vin yards, and sweet little French houses all with different coloured shutters).
All around the lake there are activities for children as there are a lot of school trips (such as fitness equipment which we had a lot of fun with). The real fun part was how we crossed the lake to the other side, as you couldn't walk all the way round, we turned a huge wheel to pull a boat over and once aboard we (mark) pulled us both across by rope...lots of fun for me as I was too busy taking pictures while leaving Mark to all the hard work. 
A great snack (fattening snack) is a 'mascottie' with nutella...amazing. A 'mascottie' is a huge doughnut cut in half with nutella, lots of nutella spread over...yum (note to self must get another one).

After our adventures we just went back and chilled out by the pool. Here are a few of our photo's

will I find my Prince

boat to pull you across lake
badminton net photo cred mark