Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mad About Murad Product Review

(images taken by Mark McGrory)

For a while I have been feeling down due to my skin changing again. My chin ( hormonal area) has been breaking out for a good few months now. I can handle one or two pimples popping up now and then but when it comes to 2 or 3 huge, pussy spots with their own pulse & red and purple scars from previous spots that's when it becomes more annoying. It's soo hard not to squeeze them all for some relief. I was fighting that urge (most of the time sometimes I would catch the head while washing my face) but even when I was at my most careful they would still scar over or reduce in size but leave small red bumps. I had tried all sorts of spot creams and treatments and I know the more you stress the more spots will appear but it wasn't until I was clearing out my toiletries that I found Murad hiding away.

At the beginning of this year I was looking for a new skin care range for the salon where I work when I came across 'Murad'. I had never heard of them and organised to meet up with a rep who kindly gave me a few samples to try one of which a full size bottle of 'Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser'. This facial cleanser is a 2in1, it's dual action foam cleanses and tones while washing away dirt, oils and impurities mad tightens your pores without over-drying. 
As I was looking at a couple of brands for the salon I only used this face wash a couple of times and then we decided to look at other areas of the salon and we didn't renew our skin care range. 
I decided to give Murad another go and began using it again the week before the wedding. The results showed almost immediately. The next day my spots had calmed down and my skin tone was much more even. Don't get me wrong I still have the little spot scars but since using Murad I haven't had another spot and usually I have 2 at a time and then as they start to die down another 2 appear and the previous 2 scar it's just a constant fight against them which I am losing. Hopefully if I stick at using this cleanser it will help my skin clear up but it's not just what you use on the outside that affects your skin its what's going on inside as well thats why eating healthy and taking Vitamins is so important.

The 'Energizing  Pomegranate Cleanser' totally refreshes and as the label says without drying your skin. It is so easy to use and without any mess as it's a pump foam which your skin soaks it up fairly quickly and then just rinse using hot water. I have already recommended it to a few friends and I definitely will be purchasing this again once my freebie is finished.

Have you ever used Murad? Whats your favourite range?
What spot care treatments do you use?