Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

My door still isn't fixed so I got woken up pretty early so me and my mum went out shoe shopping (she has a fancy dinner to attend with my dad for his work) so new shoes for the new dress.
This isn't the season for silver or even dark purple nice shoes that aren't too 'hooker' like :s
So as per I bought a few bits and bobs that I can tell you about another day if you wish.

I have too much time on my hands literally...hours on my hands. Nail art was never my strong point I always felt I didn't have the patience and I've always admired nail technicians or even girls just messing around at home that can produce amazing nail art, so intricate but make it look so easy. Recently I gave nail art a go with Shellac and to my surprise it wasn't as hard as I had imagined. Shellac is a great polish to work with when it comes to nail art as it doesn't dry until cured under the UV lamp. So you can fuss over it for as long as you need to and it will not go 'gloopy'.
If you are like me and you are pretty fussy when it comes to having your nails done then you will probably feel the need to do them yourself. I never know exactly what I want done with my nails, what colour, glitter or design to do until the very last second. I spend far too much time on my nails but hey I'm a girl its allowed.

I started off with nail wheels, all different types of animal print and stripes and flowers before finally moving onto myself and clients.
Don't get me wrong sometimes people will ask for designs that I'm still not confident with, I am in no way the best but I like to learn and try and so far the designs I have done have all been pretty popular.

Here is a few photo's of my work, I hope it gives you some good ideas and remember your imagination is your limit and don't give up keeping trying.

Nail Art Wheel
Valentine Nails (myself)
Polk Dot...Cake Pop, Azure Wish, Lilac Longing 
Lilac Longing With Rose Nail Art  (myself)
Wildfire with Black Pool Paw Print
Lilac Longing with Floral Nail Art
Purple Purple with Floral Nail Art
Cocoa with Rubble & Fedora Stripes
Cake Pop with Purple Purple, Hot Pop Pink & Tropix Diagonal Stripe
Halloween Nails  Black Pool with Cream Puff Spider Web & red gem
Holiday Nails Cake Pop with Hot Pop Pink index Rose Ring Finger Nail Art (myself)
Lilac Longing with Rose Nail Art  Purple Purple, Tropix & hot Pop Pink (myself)

All of my designs were drawn free hand by myself with stylus pens(dotting tools).
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Which one is your favourite?
Do you like to mess around with nail art what is your favourite design to do?