Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wedding bells featuring NOTW, OOTD

I love weddings I've now only ever been to two but I have done the make up for many. Although working at a wedding obviously isn't as much fun as actually going. The whole experience from stressing over what to wear, doing your hair and make up to toddling over to the church and then dancing the night away... I just love it.

 This was the 1st time I had met Marks family and the 1st time anyone had seen Mark in a suit and very smart he looked I must say. I must admit I was a little nervous meeting the whole family as I can be pretty shy in big groups but I didn't need to worry as the all made me feel soo welcome.


The 12th October was Aimee (Marks cousins) & Stevens wedding in St Ann's just outside Blackpool. When we 1st received our invitation I began looking around for dress ideas and I to my surprise bought one fairly quickly...bad idea I should know by now that I constantly change my mind when it comes to fashion but I thought I was being organised but in actual fact I had just made my life a whole lot more stressful. I know I'm not the only girl but it's hard convincing the other half that.

My 1st choice of dress was a 'New Look' number, white background with navy zigzag outlined with a biscuit coloured thinner zigzag, with a cut out at either side at the waist. To go with it I bought a navy blazer and nude wedges. The closer to the wedding the more I went off my shoes so began searching for a new pair, which I didn't expect to be too hard...oh how I was wrong!

Due to my feet deciding not to fit into a size 4, 4 half or even a 5 I ended up trying every pair of shoes on that weren't too expensive and not ankle breakers which proved extremely difficult.
After days and nights out shopping with Mark I eventually went a trip to Braehead with my mum and sister and oh how successful it was.

My mum and sister found this stunning dress in 'Primark' which I ended up buying. A very plain yet dressy blush pink sleeveless dress which came in at the waist and was stitched around the bottom almost puff ball without the puffing to attach the under dress to the sheer over dress. As soon as I seen it I was 100% set on that being the dress I was going to wear after trying a very similar one on just before in 'New Look' in a different colour but didn't fit.

Later that night my sister and I took a run over to the 'Fort' where finally we found the perfect pair of shoes. A slightly darker coloured blush pink lace design, platform with stiletto heel and ankle strap (as I can't keep shoes on unless there is a strap as I normally walk out of them...how annoying). Fitted me perfectly and didn't pinch my toes in the slightest.
Having a beige clutch, belt and a blush pink blazer already in my wardrobe, my outfit was finally set.

Once I was all done up and ready I felt so comfortable in my dress and totally confident in my new shoes which by the way I kept on the whole night they were that comfy...loved them. It's amazing how the wrong dress or shoes can make your entire outfit fall apart. I can't wait to get dressed up again.

For my hair I decided it would suit the dress better if I wore it up. So I plaited up the back of my hair and put a doughnut in the rest adding 3 rose clips to the right side to dress it up a little (jeezo how many times am I going to say dress in this post?) For my make up I didn't want to go over board so I used 'Maybeline' colour tattoo in 'Eternal Gold' on my lid and 'Matallic Pomegranate' in the crease and them powdered over with 'Urban Decay 'honey (gold shimmer) and lightly lined with 'zero'(black) and kept a nude lip.

As for my nails , I "Shellac" attacked them with "Rose Bud" with a "rockstar" ring finger and a small gold stud on my thumb and pinkie.
ps sorry for the 2 week regrowth I forgot to take a picture of my nails :O

The wedding was beautiful and so much fun. I loved seeing Mikey (marks brother) & Kristy (mikeys stunning girlfriend and writer of a beautiful blog 'smugpugsunday') they are both so much fun and meeting all of Marks family was lovely, they made me feel part of the family. All in all a great weekend and can't wait to catch up with Kristy & Mikey again soon hopefully.