Monday, 1 April 2013

London Haul...

Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

My wee mammy got me these for Easter lol super cosy

Ok so down there in my last post I wrote about London and some of the great things to do and see but what I didn't mention was the shopping and as Oxford Street is the Catwalk of London I thought I'd talk a wee bit about the amazing shops and what I picked up:)

 So back in 2011was the 1st time we went to London & I was introduced to Oxford Street & as Oxford street is the busiest shopping street in Europe opening over 300 shops in 2011 I had to go back. No matter ho many times I go to these shops I am totally amazed by the sheer size of the shops, I loved it but stick together you can get lost easily and find yourself talking to someone beside you thinking its your boyfriend like me when he walked away to try on a hat ha anyways....

While I was being lead along the street by mark my little sat nav :) I was constantly checking out what the people of London where wearing and the bags they were carrying, taking mental notes of what I wanted to look out for and where I wanted to shop. This is why I hardly ever knew where I was always looking at the people never the street names.

This time in London I was set on finding their Primark. As sad as it sounds if I can never get what I have been searching for in a certain shop ie boots I always have to take a trip to Primark for a bit of retail therapy to make me feel better so sad I know but owel thats me.

We also took the subway to the Stratford Centre which just opened last year for the Olympics. Oh how I WISH we had a shopping centre like that in Glasgow I was in my glory, great place to make you feel better on a dull rainy day. Every shop you could think of under one roof. Mark and I dragged each other into every shop and we found one we both really liked that we don't have back home....Bershka, ( kind of like a Zara? We were there ALL day and we still didn't get round all the shops ,marks feet were killing him not mine, mines don't seem to get sore when shopping:P

I ended up spending quite alot of money sooo I had to tell Mark NOT to let me buy anything else & NOT to talk me into buying anything (he has a habbit of saying "aw yeh that's nice get that, who cares if you've bought alot already just get it")cheeky.

Anyways I loved my shopping trip and here are a few of my buys...

Green Dork Top Primark £6?

Super comfy Studded High Tops Primark £10
Pug Nerd Tee £6.99 Newlook KIDS age 14-15yrs heehee
(too cute couldn't resist)

Leather Pocket Top £11.75 Forever 21
White Lace Top £16.99 Bershka (loved that shop)
LOVE...Black Studded Boots £36 Republic sale
OOTD Bershka top & Republic boots

I searched high & low for these soo excited..Dark Green Disco Pants  £20 Republic sale

OOTD Wicked Date
(didn't buy top in London..H&M £12.99) p.s sorry its so dark bad hotel lighting
P.S just wanted to show off one of my bday gifts from scented candles from a cute little shop called "Marshmallow"(I only know of the one in Cumbernauld) kind of like a Papyrus but cuter cant wait to have a nice bubble bath with one of these lite, hmm which one is your favourite...morning mist, clootie dumpling, scottish glen, icy mountain, raspberry, shortbread, highland cream.

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