Monday, 30 September 2013

Rockstar Nails

Hope you had a lovely September Weekend (if you were lucky enough to have it off) I began my day by being locked in my bedroom yes very dramatic and no there is no lock on my door. With the doors being pretty old now they have buckled a little and all of a sudden my door handle decided not to work this morning right as I need to leave for my train to work. This resulting in my dad (who thankfully had slept in) removing the door frame and handle to finally bust my door open and yes I missed my train and was unable to go for a peak around Primark this morning before work:(  sad times.

Anyways as a continuation of my post from last night I am going to show you more Shellac. Are you fed up with just a plain colour but not sure what else to do with your Shellac, why not make it more fun and a bit different by adding glitter aka 'Rockstar Nails', every girl needs a sprinkle of glitter in their lives and why not start with your nails.

So sometimes glitter polishes can look very cheap and lets face it a pain in the butt to get off but with 'Rockstar nails' it makes your nails look funky yet classy thanks to shellacs mirror shine and comes off in just 10minutes along with shellac.

You don't always get clients who will go a bit wild with colours and glitter so I've got to snap up any opportunity, here are some photos of my work that I have done either on myself or on family, friends and clients.
Rockstar Wheel
Tinted Love with Ring Finger Blue Rapture with blue glitter fading out from cuticle on myself
Purple Purple with Blue Rapture Rockstar  Ring Finger Sister

Azure Wish layered with Additive  Holographic Rockstar Ring Finger on myself
Holiday nails  Hot Pop Pink with Tropix index and holographic Rockstar ring finger on myself
Tutti Frutti Rockstar
Xmas nails 2012  Red on Red Rockstar Wildfire
Pink Rockstar with Silver Rockstar Ring Finger 
Purple Purple Rockstars with White iridescent 

Mermaid Rockstars  Green to Blue  
Blues & Purple Rockstars
Multicolour Rockstars
One of my favourites...Random yet vintage Rockstars
Azure Wish with Gold Rockstar Stripe Nail Art on Ring Finger 
Azure Wish with Silver Rockstar Tip Nail Art 
Half Moon Mani ...Cake Pop with Gold Rockstar Nail Art
You can never have too much glitter:)
 I hope you like my work and it has given you some ideas for your next manicure.

Which Glitter design is your favourite?
Have you messed around with glitter on your shellac polish?