Thursday, 2 January 2014

Desert Poppy

As I am really wanting to focus more on my blog I thought seen as I love doing nails I thought I would do a 'Shellac' post every 2 weeks(possibly a Sunday or Tuesday) of my chosen manicure, some weeks it may be just a plain colour others there may be some fun nail art to jazz things up a little and I will go through step by step how I achieve the manicure. This would be a great way for me to have a regular featured post that will be scheduled to go live the same day every 2weeks...if that is ok?

Exciting!!! CND Shellac released their new spring 2014 collection, Shellac Takes the Open Road, pretty early this time, around christmas time which was great for me as I was able to get a few colours as gifts. There are 6 colours within this collection and after a long debate I now have two, 'Desert Poppy' & 'Mint Convertible' yehhh.

For this weeks nails well my nails for 2 weeks unless something exciting catches my eye, I have chosen to use one of my new Shellacs, 'Desert Poppy' and one of my new glitters that I got for Christmas, 'Pumpkin'.
I kept this manicure pretty simple as I had went for the crazy Christmas nails (you can see here), decorating only my ring finger with glitter and stuck a couple of gems to my thumbs. Some may say it is a rather summery colour i have went for this time but I just wanted to brighten myself up, move away from all the dark reds and purples, willing the spring to come.

Desert Poppy is a beautiful bright orange with a slight golden shimmer running through it which can only be seen when the light hits it. I applied 'Desert Poppy' as normal to all 10 nails curing them each coat. Then before top coat I added 2 small gunmetal gems to my thumbs and brushed some golden orange glitter over my ring finger so some sparkle, add a thin layer of top coat to all 10 and cure then I applied a 2nd top coat over the gems to secure them and sot them from catching. I then rubbed in some cuticle oil and voila. I also painted my toes with the same colour, I have missed my 'Shellaced' tootsies (I was just lazy before) but I don't think you want to see a picture of my feet so we will stop and the hands.
 I hope you like my new spring 'Shellac' colour :). Ps sorry my cuticles are a bit dry in the photos, it's due to cold wet weather.