Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pure Spa

 Well... I finally got my well sought after massage and facial. Today I visited 'Pure Spa & Beauty' which is on the 1st floor of the Silverburn shopping centre, Mark kindly bought me a voucher from 5pm which entitled me to a radiance facial and a hot stone neck ,back and shoulder massage. Well it was amazing.
Pure Spa have won several awards one of them being UK Day Spa of 2013, using products such as Elemis and Leighton Denny.

I had never been to a spa before, so the whole experience was new to me. To begin with I was shown around then left to get into a white robe and a pair of flip-flops and then I was asked to lie and relax on a lounger until my therapist came to get me. My therapist, Lynn lead me into my treatment room which was set up beautifully, a blossom branch on the bed with a stunning african/paisely print throw over the top of the towels, soft lighting and relaxing music playing. Instead of just sitting me down and asking me questions, we sat on a stool each in a corner of the room where I was asked to place my feet into a warm bowl of water. While consulting me,Lynn massaged creams into my feet and lower legs (lucky I had shaved my legs and applied my shellac earlier) which left my feet feeling really soft and fresh, meanwhile explaining what products she was planning on using. I thought that was a nice touch and much more relaxing than a normal sit down consultation. Then I was left to get myself comfortable on the bed. The massage bed was huge and very warm and cosy. On the floor under the breathing whole was a bowl of petals drowned in scented oils to help me relax and gave the room a lovely ora. Lynn began by explaining how the hot stones would feel on my back and what they do (help to relax my muscles and remove toxins, meaning I would need to keep hydrated throughout the rest of the day). The first touch of the stones was alot hotter than I was expecting but as she worked them up my back I started to relax as they began to cool (I don't know how she was able to hold them). I knew my back was sore and tight but my goodness when Lynn began applying pressure to my naughts I then realised just how back it was.
At the beginning I wanted to shout 'ouch' but I knew that for the massage to have any benefit I had to have some deep tissue massaging techniques applied, after the 1st few moments I began to feel my tension being worked out but Lynn had her work cut out for her as I was holding lots of tension in my back. Lynn had mentioned at the beginning as I have a job were I'm either on my feet all day or working over a nail desk that I may need firmer, slightly deeper movements and so she would place the stones down and work with just her hands on certain areas. Therefore I got the best of both worlds I was able to relax and have my naughts worked out and yes it may have been sore at times but I could feel the tension release and Lynn knew exactly where to focus on eg. my shoulders and back of my neck.
Once my back massage was completed she then had me roll over onto my back ready to have my facial. There were a mixture of warm and cold creams and gels applied for my skin all of which had beautiful scents. A papaya enzyme peel was painted on and left on my face for 5 minutes which was to help soothe and brighten my complexion as I have been suffering from breakouts around my mouth and nose area. When my facial was finished my pores instantly felt tighter and my face felt much cleaner and super soft, like a babies bottom. To let me know my treatment was over there was a little chime in my ear and I was left again to relax and waken up, I could have lay there all day, I was so cosy with the heated blanket, soft lighting and soothing music. When I got out it was only then that I realised I had been in the spa for roughly around 2 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Now as it has been a few hours since my treatment I am now feeling relaxed, got me some candles lit, and tired and my muscles are a little sore in my back from being worked on but I am looking forward to waking up and having a loose back with less naughts for the 1st time in goodness knows.

My 'Pure Spa' experience was amazing, I would highly recommend treating yourself to a treatment or two. When I mentioned to a people I was going to the spa in Silverburn I could see they were unsure of a spa in a shopping centre but when you walk through the spa doors you feel as though you are in a completely different place (not in the middle of a busy shopping centre). Everything is soo peaceful and I was made to feel very comfortable, the therapists couldn't have done more, they were so kind and listened to what I had to say. Lynn didn't just go into a rehearsed neck, back and shoulder massage, she focused on the areas I felt needed some extra attention. I love to go back to the spa for another treatment maybe as a birthday present :P (hint hint ). The 5pm vouchers are a great way to try out new spas or restaurants etc for a great price and as part of my new year goals I am going to try and go for a massage once a month which will hopefully stop my back from getting into such a mess again. We need to look after our bodies, they are the only ones we get in life. Thank you Mark for my relaxing afternoon:) maybe when 'Smugpug' comes to visit we could treat ourselves to a nice afternoon.
I wasn't able to take my own photos as my phone was in my locker
Pure Spa & beauty offer various different treatments from nails to massage, for more info visit Pure Spa. This was not a sponsored post I just really enjoyed my time at the spa and wanted to sing their praise :)