Sunday, 5 January 2014

I Heart Christmas

This post I suppose is a little late but I thought I would share with you some of the things I was lucky enough to get. I've seen a few bloggers do this and thought I would take a bash....hop on the bandwagon.

I won't go through everything but I'll start off with what my mum, dad, brother and sister gave me.
As I love doing nails and experimenting with them they got me a beautiful box of glitters to use with my shellac, 36 gorgeous colours and all with their own names. A lovely silver \Warm Hearts' tealight holder that my mum bought at a candle party, 'Party Lite' (you know how I love my candles atm). She also bought a white 'GloLite', 'the worlds brightest candle'. The soft textured wax glows from end to end not just at the wick which is pretty cool. I also got 2 spray moisturisers from 'Asda' by 'nspa' which make moisturising soo much easier and they don't leave you hands feeling oily or greasy. One is fresh sweet raspberry and the other is exotically creamy coconut, mmm and they smell soo good. My sister also picked my up a bright pink purse which is great as it can be easily seen in my bag and some lovely heart earring which I have been wearing ever since along with some that 'Smugpug' got me.

I warned my boyfriend not to spoil me this year but went and did his own thing. One of the things I had mentioned was a massage and he actually listened and booked me a Spa Afternoon for a facial and hot stone neck, back and shoulders massage at the 'Pure' spa in Silverburn which I am very excited about as I would like to start treating myself to a massage every month or so as I am fed up treating clients and not taking my own advice. So that is on tuesday afternoon, I will let you know how that goes.
Prior to Christmas we took a drive over to 'The Centre' where I get my 'Shellac' fix and we picked out 2 new colours from their Spring collection. A beautiful vibrant orange called 'desert poppy colour' which you can see in action here and a minty green which I have been waiting for Shellac to bring out forever called 'mint convertable' so I am excited to see what that looks like on.
Some might think this is a bad or insulting present but I had actually planned on buying it myself after Christmas as I have been breaking out pretty badly and scaring around my chin. It was the 'Murad' 'Ban Blemishes Starter Kit' , which comes with clarifying cleanser, exfoliating blemish treatment gel, a blemish spot treatment and finally a skin perfecting lotion. I will let you know how I get on.
'I Heart Christmas' was another gift which will lead on from the other 'I Heart' books I am reading at them moment. He also got me a sweet little bracelet by 'Joma Jewellery London' which you can get from a pretty little shop in Prince's Square in Glasgow called 'Illuminati', they have a collection of different ones to choose from. All come on their own card and are beautifully wrapped with a little message. Mark picked the shell pearl heart which says, 'a little LOVE  wear this shell pearl heart everyday to bring a little love your way'.
And last but definitely not least I got a rose gold 'MICHAEL KORS' watch, YEHHH. I have wanted one of these for a few years now and now I actually have one. It is gorgeous, suits me to a tee if I say so myself. As I have boney wrists I can't wear anything big and clumpy, this watch has a lovely flat face and neat bracelet style links and even has a little bit of bling around the face so simple but so classy, something I can  treasure for years to come. The funny thing was that I also bought Mark a Michael Kors so we had a laugh about that, great minds eh.

So that is it all over for another year. I had such a lovely Christmas again and I was a very lucky girl, I got lots of beautiful things some of which I can keep for years to come. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you were all spoiled.
Thanks for reading,