Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mint Convertible

NOTW Shellac no.2
No rest for the wicked..after picking a few bits and bobs up from B&M I took a mini cleaning fit and cleared out my desk, jewellery and my bathroom. I had gathered far too many bottles of shampoo and testers from the salon, my bins are now full. Anyway onto the nails. It's amazing how fast my nails grow with 'Shellac', I always file my nails right down and by the time 2weeks have passed they are like talons. So as I wore one of my new 'Shellac' colours last week I thought it was only fair for me to try the other one. 'Mint Convertible' is another colour from the spring 2014 Shellac collection, 'Open Road'. I have been dying for a mint green Shellac and when I heard one was in the spring collection I was at the shop snapping it up...Thanks Mark.

Whenever I wear a new colour I like to keep my manicure pretty simple to allow me to promote it at work and to see how it looks without too much fuss and I LOVE this one, it's definitely a winner. When 1st applied it is very pale/sheer therefore I applied 3 thin coats of colour to make it more opaque. As you may know if you have read any of my other nail posts that I can't resist a bit of sparkle, doesn't every girl? Anyway, so I decided to cover my whole thumb nail and half of my ring finger (to spice it up a little) in one of my new iridescent 'star glaze' glitters that I picked up in 'Papyrus' on sale for only £1.99 which matches perfectly with 'Mint Convertible'.

A short and sweet post, I hope you like my NOTW posts so far. Sorry my images are on the smaller side I not sure whats going on seem to be pixelated, has anyone else experienced this?