Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bargain Revamp

Hi everyone! Be aware I'm going to ramble again ... More shopping.

Ok so I decided I wanted to give my room a little bit of a pick me up, a revamp.

I have had this idea in my head for a week now that I wanted a cake tier to use as a jewellery stand, as i have lots of jewellery boxes filled with bits bobs that I didn't even know I still had. So I got up early got dressed and headed straight to B&M Homestores. I always love having a wee browse around B&M you never walk out empty handed, theres always some sort of bargain to catch my eye. I was super brave and done cleared out of my jewellery and through out a few jewellery boxes and a bundle of costume rings, bracelets and chains ( I should really do an ebay sale got a few bags of things to go)

I must have looked totally lost as I was walking back and forth back and forth, I wanted to buy everything but what I decided on was...well 1st of all I got my cake tier, its a beauty if I do say myself. It comes in 3 pieces, 2 tiers and the centre piece very simple to put together, white/cream metal in the shape of hearts.I love the detail.. soo girly, so me. Whenever I have an idea of something I want and I find it oh it's great I feel pretty proud of myself (:

D.I.Y Cake Tier to Jewellery Stand

I also picked up cute little LED battery heart fairy lights, 10 in a pack for £3.99...bargain! So I went back later on that day and got more shopaholic yes I know I can't stop.

Atm I'm really enjoying having some candles lit. They just make a room look so cosy and peaceful they can really pull a room together and when I saw this glass heart dish, I thought I need to have that next to my bed with 3 little tea light candles.

love a little chilled night with some candles
I don't know about you but I hate rummaging through my make up bag in the morning looking for certain brushes so when I walked by the bathroom dept one of the glass shattered mirror (toothpaste holder I guess it's called) caught my eye I'm little a magpie anything shiny and I'm there for a closer look. Black cylinder with shattered mirror glued randomly all around very sparkly and I just thought it would go nice in my room as a make up brush jar.

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