Monday, 22 April 2013

Product Review - Lush Lip Scrub

Hi :)

As I have a small lipstick fetish at the moment :O
I have been wanting to keep my lips smooth and soft to allow my lipsticks to last longer and look their best.

So as I had said in one of my previous posts I am using the fabulous lip butter from Nivea  which is great for softening your lips and keeping them soft but I still felt that I had slightly chapped lips (eww I know)  so I thought I would try a lip scrub and the most popular one seems to be the 'LUSH' Lip Scrub. Mark and me took a trip to Braehead shopping centre on Friday and while I was there I thought I'd pop into Lush and get a lip scrub. (Mark was acting like a 2 year old touching everything and making a mess...boys will be boys even when they are 23 nearly 24 years old). Hiding up the back were the lip scrubs and there was 3 to choose from, Mint Julips, Popcorn and Bubblegum. It took me a while to decide on bubblegum, I really liked the colour (bright pink), retailing at £5.25.

It is really simple to use just apply a little to your lips and rub in circular motion with your fingertip all over your lips (this clears any dry dry flaking skin) continue doing so until most of the crystal have gone, then you are suppose to lick off the rest. After using it a few times I could definitely feel the difference in lips, no peeling and in general much better condition great for using before you apply a lipstick.

'Keeps lips in tip top condition, for kissing, pouting, talking or anything else you wish to do with them'.

I should have bought it during the winter months but now I'm prepared for next time...well Scotland's always got bad weather I suppose. The only thing I would say is now I wish  I maybe got one of the other flavours as sometimes the bubblegum scrub can be a little too sweet and I don't lick off the remaining crystals as it is soo sweet so I just wipe off what is left but still works a treat. Always remember with this product a little goes a LONG way.

Have you tried Lush Lip Scrub and if so what flavour let me know what you think.

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