Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I Just Can't Get Enough...

So you might guess by now that I have a MAJOR shopping addiction, I love to stay on trend and when I see something I want I NEED to get it and I will go into every shop until I find what I'm looking for :O I don't think I ever use to be as bad this. The past year has been a case if me... buying clothes that I DON'T need and no space to keep them, so I do clear outs but before I get the chance to take it all to charity shops my mum and sister have been in the bags grabbing what they want but that's what they begins at home, quite literally in my house. 

So to my new buys this weekend.
Sunday... I had my mind set on getting a leather sleeved blazer that I seen a girl in London wearing, since then I have wanted one and found it in H&M during the week but no size 8. So I thought I would look in all the other H&Ms but no luck, so instead I bought a few wee pieces of jewellery from Internacionale. I always forget about Internacionale but sometimes I take a wee notion to have a peek. Here's what I found...

Atm I'm in love with anything rose gold or pink gold so I picked up these little stretch spiked rose gold coloured bracelets 2 for £2.99 bargain so I got them in a gunmetal colour too.

Rose Gold Bracelets £2.99 for 2

Gum Metal Spiked Bracelet £2.99 for 2

I'm really liking jewellery with spikes, crosses, hearts and feathers just now and these little cross bracelets 3 for £2.99 caught my eye. One in gold, silver and rose gold and they are small and stretchy which I love because I find it really hard to find bangles to fit me as my wrists are too skinny lol.

Trio of Cross Bracelets...Gold, Rose Gold & Gun Metal

I also spotted a little collar tips and as I was just out the night before wearing a little shirt that I felt needed something around the neck area but not a necklace I figured lets try these out. Little pearl triangle collar tips with various different chains connecting and...if I don't like it on I can always do a little bit of D.I.Y and cut or take off chains and wear the   pearl triangles as earrings :)

Gold Pearl Chain Collar Tips
 I took a trip to the Fort on Monday to see if I'd be in luck & find my blazer and just as I was about to walk out the shop with no blazer I seen it size 8 and Loved it on so I snapped it up. I also got a tshirt that I actually copied my sister on, its soo cute, black with a darker black velvet motor bike and little roses round the neck with a V cut out the back. I also found a bright cheery purple cosy hat in the sale.

After properly trying the blazer on at home I actually decided that it was a tad bit tight on the arms if i wanted to wear a cardigan underneath so mark took me to Braehead where I managed to pick up a 10 after all that searching for a bloomin' 8 ha owel anyways here it is...

Blazer with Leather Sleeves £29.99
I was going to add these to my wish list below but while I was in H&M in Braehead I had a wee look for flatforms I had seen in town and hiding at the back of the shop I spied a cheeky size 4 :) so snapped them up too :P They feel super comfy lets hope it stays that way and they make my feet look tiny.

This is the lipstick I done my previous post on you can see it better here(:

Wish list ...from H&M this bowler (trilby is that how you spell it?) hat but it just came into the shops last Sat & sold out the same day  jeezo so I'll let you all know if I'm successful :) I just LOVE H&M but I may need to try getting a hat from somewhere else, hopefully they will get it back in. Can anyone recommend anywhere to get one that isnt too expensive?

p.s sorry I rambled on alot this time just so happy with my finds.

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