Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So I was online window shopping on New Look when I came across this beautiful colour of lipstick called 'Sleek True Colour in Mystic'...brighter than I usually go for but I was feeling brave. Of course it was 'out of stock' :( so the next day I was out searching in every New Look for this lipstick and could I find it...noo. I am terrible, once I have my eye on something I HAVE to get it so I searched and searched but no luck.

(I have a Sleek eyeshadow palette which I LOVE, I got it ages ago as a gift and I am still using it, the colours are very pigmented, stay on all day and easily spreadable. They have a slight shimmer which is still nice for everyday natural looks or you can dress your look up with the more vibrant colours such as the purple or greens for a night out.)

 So then one day when I wasn't looking for it I came across the 'SLEEK' brand in Superdrug, I was so excited, my eyes darted right for the lipsticks annnd yep there it was the colour I had been looking all over for. I tried it out on my hand and at first I was a bit :O but then I thought about what Mark (boyfriend) is always telling...just get what you want when you see it because you always change your mind and you can NEVER get it again in the colour or size you wanted in the first place. So I went for it.

Swatch still doesn't show just how vibrant this colour is

It's a vibrant pink/purple matte which at 1st kind of put me off as its not very moisturising but after wearing it, it totally stains your lips and lasts all day.They also do some colours in a sheen which seem to be more moisturising not sure if they will stain and last as long but I think I might buy a few more to try.  The packaging is really nice too, very simple but not in a cheap looking way just plain matte black with the brand name 'Sleek' written in black shine. I love the colour Mystic, everybody comments on it and they are so cheap at just £4.99. Great colour for casual or formal wear. I would definitely buy this product again.

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