Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Adventures in France... My Last Day

So my relive of my holiday has come to an end such sad times :(

Once all the cleaning and packing was done we enjoyed our last day of sun by the pool then took a stroll around St Mathieu lake again in the evening with our left over bread for the birds.
 I always feel so sad on my last day of holidays but I felt especially sad this time...closing the shutters and packing everything away felt so much depressing than my usual rolling a suitcase out of a hotel. We had no worries, no times for breakfast or dinner it was soo much more relaxed, so much more homey. We could do what we wanted when we wanted there was no rush. The little village we stayed in was so peaceful out in the countryside and had everything we needed well until 7pm when all the shops closed and we couldn't get curry sauce anywhere:). I would also recommend taking a french dictionary out with you just incase your car breaks down and you have no clue what the screen is saying. (yes that happened to us and no we didn't have our dictionary with us and we had no signal and then to top things off my shades snapped while on my face...great day that was but luckily we had met an english couple that could speak fluent french panic over.
There was no shouting drunks or screaming kids which seem to follow us anywhere else we go. No one bothered us, just a polite 'Bonjour' or 'Bonsoir' each day from the 'granny of the village' (thats what she was known as as she always looked out for the neighbours and knew everyone), such a sweet little lady.
Marks photography 
I cant wait to go back, Mark and I have already been making plans to return next year ...yehh not bad having parents that have their own little holiday house in France it would be rude not to use it. There are so many other places to visit that we didn't have the time to see this time round and Mark and I also left a little something hanging on a tree in Brantome so I would love to go back and see if it is still there. As I have said previously...these are all excuses to go back but to be honest I don't need an excuse I will definitely be going back.

       Top           H&M £3.99
     Shorts       Primark £8
Sandals    Primark
Headband     Homemade 

                              Bikini               Primark Top £3 Asda Bottoms £3
Poncho              New look £10.99
    Hat                     Bulgaria 6 lev (£3)
Shellac Cake Pop/Hop Pop Pink & Floral ring finger

I hope you have enjoyed my holiday diary...I have never really stuck to a proper diary before so I hope I didn't do too bad for my 1st attempt, sorry if I babbled on a bit there was just so much to do and say but thats is my Adventures in France over for another year:( Bring on next August.

What did you think of my attempt at posting a diary?
Have you ever tried it?