Sunday, 8 September 2013

Adventures in France Day 3 & 4

Feeling like a like housewife by now from all the sweeping up, making breakfast and doing the washing up  (mark wasn't too bad at helping...surprising as he cooked me dinner every night)
Wednesday morning, the weather was picking up but still a few cheeky clouds lurking around so we headed off to Pieguet (I think that is how you spell it) for a morning market which was rather big and super busy.  One womans products caught my eye which where the cutest little wooden plant pot men/ladies I have ever we bought one for my mum and dad to keep at the house. Meet Francine :)

Playsuit      Primark £10
Sandals       Primark £8
Sunglasses   New look 
That night before dinner we took a drive to St Mathieu lake for an evening stroll which was lovely.  Again there is activities for kids to do on the way round such as climbing and monkey bars etc and again Mark had lots of fun trying.

School Children's flower garden @ the lake
Shorts    Republic £15
Jumper    New Look £12.99

Thursdays weather was great and we decided to drive a little further to yet another lake called Bussiere Galant. At each lake there is lots to do no matter what age you are, from mini golf, to fishing and if you were just wanting to relax, cafes and some sand to catch some rays. Bussiere was a bit different to the other 2 as here you could ( if you felt brave) go up the trees and make your way through an assault course and to finish, a flying fox right across the lake. It was too cold in the shade of the trees so we didn't bother with that...really I was just being a woos we just took a wonder round and took a few snapshots. 

     Top      New Look £3
Shorts   Primark £8
Headband  Primark £1.50
Sandals  Primark £8
NOTW Shellac Cake Pop & Hot Pop Pink with Floral accent nail 

Dinner time by the pool 

Have you ever been to France?
Goodnight everyone