Sunday, 29 September 2013

Me, Myself & Shelllac

Hope you are having a lovely September weekend.
the other half and I took a little trip to Edinburgh for the day for some shopping but as always I end up spending the money and carrying the shopping bags and Mark doesn't buy anything even though he is running out of time to decide on something for his cousins wedding anyways thats another post.

So today I was going to tell you what I bought but instead I think I'll show you what I love other than shopping...nails, Shellac to be more specific.

So for the past 2years I have been using nothing but Shellac on my nails along with a cuticle oil. I am a total ADDICT!!! As soon as I hear about the new colour ranges coming out I get super excited and start planning nail art designs and colour compositions sad I know but I can't help it, it is soo amazing and NO it doesn't damage your nails.

I have previously already done a post on shellac ( 'hands are jewels not tools') so I am trying not to repeat myself. In this post I will show you simple and some gem work and go on to explain what I done and how I done it.  I hope you like.
Romantique layered with Moonlight & Roses super natural but elegant. Great for keeping nails looking clean & healthy
Plain white Manicure Cream Puff becoming more popular photo doesn't do it justice

Ring Finger Mani  Azure Wish with Hot Pop Pink accent nail
Overtly Onix with silver gems around base of the nail
Wildfire with Red gems on pinky and black lager gems on toes

Tomorrow I will show you how to you can mess around with glitter and jazz up your Shellac.

Have you tried or wear Shellac?
What are your thoughts on it, do you love it as much as I do?