Monday, 9 September 2013

Aventures in France Days 5&6

 Day 5

Can you tell which place was my favourite :)

Friday was a scorcher so we decided to make the most of it and went to Brantome (my favourite place we visited). Brantome is in the Dordogne, they call it 'Le petite Venice' meaning the little venice as the Monks built the town surrounded by water. As soon as I stepped out the car it took my breathe away...a truly beautiful place, the place I think I want to get married :P
Dress      Primark
Sandals   Primark

Everything in Brantome is soo colourful from the flowers to the ice cream.  Every Friday there is a market like the one we went to previously on Wednesday selling handmade bracelets, baskets and food etc.We got there just in time for the 11am boat trip which was lovely. We paid our 7euros 50 and road the boat down the river for 50mins learning all about the town of Brantome which was very interesting.

To cool down we stopped by a little ice cream shop (which was built into the caves) and the choices where amaaazing. I never knew you could get so many flavours of ice cream. I opted for a tub of, strawberry and blackberrys so yummy my mouth waters at the thought of it.

There are many little interesting shops the one that we both liked was the glass making shop ( The name escapes me) He made the most amazing things from glass I have never seen such intricate and beautiful pieces such as paper weights and jewellery.  I wanted to go back and get a ring ( would have taken me a while to decide which one) but the shop had excuse to go back next time :)

Day 6  

Mr sunshine was out again which was great so we took a trip to St Mathieu lake again for a shot of the pedalos that we had been looking forward to trying.

We enjoyed Brantome so much that we decided to return the next night for dinner and see all the sights in the evening. Ordering dinner really brought my high school/basic french into action I don't think I did too bad We all had a few laughs at me but whats new.

Ham with a pepper sauce and apple crumble and nutella crepe

         Sorry for the burnt red nose:p
         Midi       New Look £12.99
Top        H&M  £3.99

We both loved Brantome such a beautiful place with lots of history I cant wait to go back might actually grab myself a shinning glass ring.
Hope my photos didn't bore you, I had so many for Brantome I struggled deciding.