Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Product Review Double Lash update.


Ok so a few posts ago I said that I had started using "Double Lash Serum" as I had a horrible horrible habit of picking my eyelashes, I know it sounds disgusting and I hated myself when I did it and I was left with 'baldy eyes'.

So I've been using this serum for a few weeks now and I don't know if it the serum or my mascara (which btw isn't a fancy expensive one, NYC curl lash from Superdrug at £4.99?  This mascara is great but you need to be careful how much you apply as it can cause lashes to clump but it definitely makes lashes look longer and thicker.) but my lashes are almost touching my brows!  They are now soo long and I'm noticing that they aren't falling out as often and are barely ever sore anymore. Loosing the pain factor and my lashes becoming stronger has to be down to the serum. People are actually making comments about my own natural lashes, 'are you wearing natural strip lashes, your lashes are so long now they are almost touching your eyebrows'. It's great I'm loving it and when I turn my head to one side you can now see my lashes peaking over my nose (which lets face it isn't the smallest of noses) so I'm so glad I found this serum and stuck to applying it every night before bed. 

sorry for the lack of make up trying to give my skin a rest


I will continue using 'Double Lash' until I've finished it and I will let you know my final results and thoughts. 

Do you have a bad habit like this? 
How did you manage to stop?